Anyone had their dress dyed?

So I'm sat here watching BS YouTube Wedding videos. I'm currently having an MS relapse so feeling like crap. 


This lady wears her dress for a day doing everyday stuff the day before her first anniversary.


So I had an idea. Has anyone had their dress dyed?


I think the style of mine would suit being shortened maybe with a asymmetric hem and a split. Thinking maybe a blush colour and I can wear it on my first anniversary and make OH take me somewhere special. 




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    Not dyed mine yet but I'm planning to... Just need to dry clean it then I'm going to try dying it a navy colour (probably with Dylon hand dye) then if successful I'll have the train lopped off and I can wear it to events! (We go to a few formal things with hubbys job) I'm a bit worried about ruining it but otherwise it's going to sit in a box unworn forever more (I'm too outside of the bell curve size wise to be able to sell it easily) so I think it's worth the risk... 😐  I think your dress would look good shortened, it depends on the fabric and embellishment whether it would take the dye well though. Mine is a silk crepe with no external stitching so I'm expecting it to take well... The other idea I had was to just ask for a cutting from the alterations and test dye that, left it too late now though!  I'd love to hear if anyone else has dyed theirs.....

  • I haven’t, but my neighbour is a dress maker and she has died a few recently using Raspberry tea to get the blush colour...she does experiment with off cuts of each dress first.

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