When to dry clean?


I am getting married Sept 19 but have just found the perfect dress. I got a discount because it has a foundation mark where someone has tried it on. The discount covers the dry cleaning - but as i want it shortening i'm not sure whether to dry clean now or wait until next year and i have had any alterations done. Will the make up mark 'set in' if i leave it too long? Would having alternations mean dry cleaning is likely to be required? Does anyone have any similar experiences?


  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    I think dry clean it as soon as possible - there is a risk that the longer there are marks on it, the harder they'll be to remove. That's what I was told by a dry cleaner after my wedding anyway. Having it altered shouldn't mean it needs to be dry cleaned again, or if it does then it might be included in the cost of alterations. But I'd recommend speaking to a seamstress to be sure!

  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    I'm in the middle of alterations now and get my dress back 20 days before the wedding. I've not been told it will need alterations. Aslong as your seamstress is working with clean hands it should be fine 

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