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Bridal shops Swansea and south wales reccomendations

Hi all!

Am hoping to pick your brains for some good bridal shops in the swansea, south wales area. I am from near Cardigan and have mostly found the dress shops in this area a bit average and unexciting. I don't really want to have a strapless meriangue dress and that seems to be all they cater for round here. So can anyone reccomend a one that's a bit different please.

Thanks loads!

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  • BAKER2BBAKER2B Posts: 40
    Hi Spacedcadet

    I looked in all the bridal shops in Swansea and Cardiff - terrible!!! I can honestly say there wasnt one dress I liked. The best shop was Allison Jayne in Cardiff as they had a selection of Pronovias dresses there. I ended up going to Ireland last week to view a dress I seen on the net and I loved it and ordered it straight away. Good luck in Wales it seems the shops are stuck in the 1980's here!!

    Claire x
  • You're not wrong, I have been doing some looking around and have started to realise this might be the case....surely there is somewhere?!?! It would be difficult for me to travel too far, due to work etc plus it would be a pain to travel too far for fittings!
  • BAKER2BBAKER2B Posts: 40
    I think Allison Jayne is your best bet they seem to be more up to date also another nice shop is Rowberry's in Swansea Ive ordered my bridesmaids dresses from there. Best of luck x
  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    Have you tried One and Only in the Mumbles? I'm going to make an appointment in September when the new collection is in. Posh Frocks Couture was the best in Swansea- service was fantastic and the dress can be designed to meet your needs.

    Also went to Rowberry's- great service but dresses were not for me.

    Personally, Allison Jayne in Cardiff has been my favourite as they stock Pronovias dresses (my favourites)!

    High Society in Cowbridge is another great bridal shop- they stock Jenny Packham dresses (think that's how you spell her name) which are a bit different.

    I have been to quite a few bridal shops and so far have not tried on any dresses that make me go Wow (apart from Pronovias that is!) May head to Bristol to see if that is any better.
  • Magic Moments in Usk (might be a bit of a trek for you) had a few that were a bit different (e.g. San Patrick) - the service was really friendly and helpful.

    Good luck!
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