Bridal shops - portsmouth/southampton/chichester?


Going to start the hunt for the dress soon if only to get some ideas about what I like! Can anyone recommend any shops in any of these areas? I'm heading over to Chicester in a few weeks but not sure where to go and need to book appointments! :\?




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    hi Sophs, I'm a chichester bride and have found my dress so here is my low down on the best and the ones to avoid when dress hunting!


    Proposals - Would strongly recommend, but appointments are defently needed here. They stock a range of dresses but tend to go towards the more expensive designers such as Ian Stuart, Alan Hannah, they offer Alfred Angelo for a cheaper alt. they are really helpful here and fantastic. They are found off West Street, down a side alley which has M&S on the right!

    Confetti & Lace - mixed reviews. My frist trip very rude and unhelpful, samples dirty, torn etc. But went in second time veil hunting and very helpful! I know that the def stock Maggie's, My Lady but not sure who else. Top of North street in a lil walk way! Prob recommend making an appointment.

    Yours Truly - i think this is what is called its a new shop opened in Sadlers Walk, go down West Street and its a covered shopping bit. Walked past there the other day, is very small, people can see right in to where you will be standing. Note in shop said dresses from £2500! but might have mis-read or mis-understood it! Went in, not overally helpful but not rude.


    Cameo Brides Drayton - This is the only one i went to that you could class as Pompey. I brought my dress from here, they are fantastic! huge range of dresses including Sincerity, Justin Alexander, Alfred Angelo. Very very very helpful, couldn't do enough for you but not pushy in service. Will not let you order straight away they insist you go and think about it! Book an appointment def, as they will make sure they have a changing room for you and ask for Maggie. She dressed me and was fantastic! You can drop in on the off chance and they will see you when they can - they slot you in!


    Cloud Nine - Lock's Heath. Very helpful staff not pushy at all, have a huge range of dresses - i can remember Sincerity. Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee... Booking is recommended.

    Brides of Southampton - Do NOT recommend at all. Have to choose dresses from a book - they make you change into their underwear - make no attempt to protect ur modesty if the dress is too small. Very pushy sales staff - very slow service leave you standing in ur underwear for ages. And whilst i was there they had 'lost' a brides dress!!!!


    House of Weddings - One stop wedding shop. Very hepful staff, limited selection of dresses but stock Dessy, Bonny Bridal, Essance. Booking not necessary

    Bognor Regis

    Brides of Sussex - Owned by a lovely lady who is veyr easy going and nice to speak to. Stocks Sincerity, Justin Alexander, Romantica, Alexia, Forever Yours. Not pushy, reasonable selection of dresses to suit every budget. Not a pushy sales woman and able to have a laugh and giggle with her! You can book if your on a tight time budget - but everytime i've been in there i've gone without an appointment!

    As you can tell i've been to a few! image any more info needed let me know!

    K x

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    Oh my goodness, thank you so so much, it's a great help! I'm going to book some appointments today or tomorrow I think! xx

    Where did you get your dress from in the end?
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    Duh...just read where you got your dress from...haha, what an idiot. x
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    i tried confetti and lace in chichester - v nasty! avoid!! proposals were fab. got my dress at white mischief in henfield in the end - just outside of brighton - FAB FAB FAB FAB!!! went to shops all over sussex and up in the midlands (when friends were looking) white mischief were by far and away the best!!

    happy hunting!! xx

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    hi - i tried confetti and lace in chichester and i would not recommend it - nasty! proposals were gd but i would totally recommend white mischief in henfiled near Brighton - FAB FAB FAB! been to lots of shops around sussex and up in the midlands when friends were hunting and white mischief is the best by far ever! let me know if you want diirections - it would be worth it! happy hunting!!xx
  • I got my dress at Catherine Francis in Arundel and can highly recommend her - really lovely helpful down to earth shop with dresses to suit all budgets

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    Ooh helen and sn2bmrswardlaw... just went on their websites and sounds lovely! Will definitely pay them a visit. I'm one of those people-never satisfied with going to one or two places...want reassurance that I have covered every option!

    Thank you! xx

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    just noticed dbl post - d'uh! tried arundel shop too and they were fab - where and when are you guys getting married?
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    i second kalina on brides of southampton. awful staff!!! in fact i did advise her not to go but her mum wanted to go i think she said!!! hate to say i told you so!! ;\)

    i would highly recommend a bride 2 bee in Warsash which is not far from the M27 at J9. you'll need an appointment, service and choice is second to none. they have maggie sottero, ian stuart, raylia and pronovias.

    Sian x x x x
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    i recommend A Bride 2 Bee too - they are great and i got my lovely maggie dress from there xx
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    Wow thanks, only expected people to come up with one or two! Loads of choice! xx
  • Hi Soph

    Just wondering which shops you went to in the end? I actually ordered by dress last month and it was from Confetti and Lace, which I gather has got some pretty bad reviews! I also went to proposals and Yours Truley both of which were lovely and spent a lot of time with me.

    On arrival at Confetti and Lace I must admit I was a little disappointed as having just been into proposals where there were lots of shops assistants, mine seemed a litlle harrassed and rushed. However once we got settled down and started trying on dresses I really enjoyed myself and found my dream dress.

    I had to remind myself that although this was a special time for me, it was a Saturday and they were so rushed off their feet. The thing that most impressed me was that they suggested I go away and look at other dresses and then come back and try on my dress again to still feel if I felt the same.

    When I went back to buy my dress and look at bridesmaids dresses abd take measurements my assistant Hannah stayed with us for 2 hours and couldn't have been more helpful and what's more when I was walking through Chi a month later I walked past her and she stopped to say hello adn remembered my name and asked how things were going e.t.c.

    I also went to White Mischief in Henfield which was fabulous and I really reccomend going there because of teh sheer number of different designers they have.

    At the end of the day you buy a dress because of how it makes you feel and although the shop adds to the experience and its important to build up a relationship with them, don't let initial impressions of a shop put you off.
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    I went to Cameo Brides in Drayton, Proposals in Chichester and Bride-2-Bee in Warsash. Going to pay a visit to Catherine Francis when I find some more time. I don't work far from Confetti and Lace which has great reviews so maybe pop there one day. Tried on so many dresses! Found some really lovely ones but still deciding between a couple, no rush though! My parents live in Bristol and no doubt my mum will want to have her say too(!), will have a call around to see if there are any shops that stock all the shortlisted ones so I can try them on again! Thanks for all your help everyone!! Wouldn't have been a much slower process without you...

  • Didn't like Confetti&Lace, Proposals were great BUT if you are prepared to go slightly further East to Worthing then absolutely 110% try Opulence & Grace. It is on the Broadwater roundabout as you come into Worthing. There used to be a shop there called Pretty Brides & Formale but they were sh1t and went bust but were still taking money for dresses the day before they were closing. Outrageous. The new place is nothing to do with them and the owners mother has got a place in Southampton as well (not sure where/what its called)

    I popped in to look at bridesmaids dresses and also grooms stuff and they were unbelievably helpful and they dont get sniffy if you have ordered something elsewhere, they appreciate it happens. They can also do cravats/hankerchiefs etc in all the Alfred ANgelo colours or take in a swatch and they will match it. They will also hire/sell individual items like waistcoats instead of expecting you to buy the whole shebang with them and getting snotty like a lot of places do. They had a lot of suggestions and practical advice and were really friendly. I was so impressed I was almost disappointed they hadn't opened before I ordered my dress of House of Brides! :\?
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    I'd definitely recommend JCBrides in Portsmouth, (on St Mary's road).

    It's a small shop, run by a very friendly and helpful husband and wife and they made the whole experience really easy... completely putting up with me changing my mind evey couple of minutes!!

    I wouldn't recommend Brides of Portsmouth in Fratton, nor Band of Gold (by Fratton Station)

    Cameo Brides at Drayton were good, tho VERY busy when I went. Wedding Divas, in the Bridge Centre at Fratton, was good. The lady is lovely.

    Good Luck!!
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