Views of bridal jumpsuits?

Hi everyone,

In the middle of wedding planning and am looking for less traditional, more casual bridal ideas to fit with our weddings plans. 

I always love a jumpsuit, and was wondering what people's views were on them for the bride? I'm not sure if i would be brave enough! I enjoy fashion but it's a bit different to the norm!

Thankyou :) 


  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    I love them. Seriously if I had the figure I would be all over that!! 


  • Glad i'm not the only one. Not really sure i have the figure though!


    I would also love if anyone had any photos or links to any!

  • MrsGxMrsGx Posts: 329 New bride

    My Wife wore a jumpsuit and she looked stunning!

    She didn't want to wear a dress as she isn't very girlie as such, and absolutely definitely didn't want to wear a suit. It was actually a Myleene Klass one! We bought a bridal belt from etsy and had a seamstress attach it to the jumpsuit to just make it look a bit more bridal. She looked amazing and had so many compliments!

    Try it, see how you feel :-) Also, I just want to say it shouldn't matter what we think, if you want to wear one on your own wedding day then wear one and own it!

  • Thanks! Its lovely to hear about a bride wearing something a bit different!

    I'm just considering ideas at the moment, and haven't actually seen many brides in jumpsuits to picture it. I'm sure i'll end up trying loads of different things on, i'm so indecisive!



  • It’s not to my taste and it wouldn't be something I'd choose for myself. BUT it's your day and if it’s what you want go for it! If you get a more conventional dress just because it’s the done thing, it’ll probably show that you’re not feeling like yourself or aren’t as confident as you could be! 

    Happy shopping! 😊

  • Cat93Cat93 Posts: 109 New bride

    Totally awesome but not my style I am more traditional. 

    However I must say....I will be changing into a white jumpsuit come the evening, much more fun and comfortable and something a bit more sexy for much easier to dance in then a full ball gown....I can't wait to get changed!!! :) 

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