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URGENT-Jewellery by Jo- DONT BE FOOLED!!!! PL


I feel that I should warn bride 2 be's about the slow and unprofessional service I received at Jewellery by Jo. I ordered a pearl and crystal headband with matching earrings. I was impressed with her website and loved the way that she could specifically match jewellery to your colour scheme. Given that my dress was an unusual colour I thought this would be perfect.

Jo said she would send me some of the samples of pearls and crystals for me to look at. A couple of weeks later they still had not arrived. When I emailed her she said they must have got lost in the post so she would sent some more. Again, they did not turn up. On contacting her again she said they were still in her car. However, I did eventually receive them, and they looked like a perfect match to my dress so I went ahead with the order despite this. If only I could turn back time!!

6 weeks after placing my order I had not received anything. So after contacting her she said she had posted them, but agreed to make them again. A little unusual I thought but there was nothing I could do other than wait. They arrived a few weeks later but the headband crystals were the wrong colour so I had to send it back. Jo said she would make me another. Feeling bad for sending it back (even though it was her mistake) I assured Jo there was no rush to make another straight away since I am not getting married until next June. Jo said she would do it straight away because-in her words- she 'wanted to get it out of the way'.

Are you seeing a pattern here yet? Yes- you guessed it- 7 weeks later still no headband! This time I got no reply for 3 weeks after emailing her and when I did she said she had been holidaying for 3 weeks and implied that I was pestering her. She said it was made before she went away and had been posted. She even went as far as saying who signed for it. This person did not live at my address nor in fact in my street. I rang Jo back to ask if she could give me the tracking number of the parcel and not suprisingly she didn't do this! There was a 5 minute pause on the phone while she obviously thought about what to say before declaring that the postcode to which it had been delivered to was the same as mine except for the first 2 letters. I have a friend who is able to check postal addresses where she works and guess what- the postcode she said my headband went to DID NOT EXIST.

Finally, Jo said she would make me another and have it to me within 2 days. Unusual I thought- since she has to order her pearls from 'Austria'. It did arrive and I am pleased with it but it really was not worth all of the hassle and lies. She clearly did not have the decency to be honest and admit that she just had not had the time to make any of the headbands that she said were lost in the post. I would advise all bride to be's not to order anything from this woman unless you are prepared to wait ages and be treated like a fool and constantly lied to.
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