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Keeping secrets..

I'm back again with the same old problem! Still incredibly worried about my choice of dress because of the colour (burgundy bottom and light gold bodice) Romantica of devon so no picture to share! ;\) definitely is the one but is it worth the hassle?!

Mum's said that I shouldn't tell H2B what it looks like at all, kind of difficult when it dictates the whole colour scheme of the wedding! So no idea how i'm going to approach that one and worse will be the bridesmaid dress shopping when he has to be translator to his sisters (the bridesmaids, who only speak spanish) and my dress will have to come into the equation!

Its upsetting me everyday so I have to see what you guys think because its always playing on my mind to give up the secrets and just tell my H2B! ;\)


  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    ahhh don't let this upset you. you really don't have to keep secrets, and can still manage not to give everything away.

    H2B doesn't need to know those colours form your dress, you could just say you'd like those as the main colour scheme.

    If you think a certain style of BM's dresses goes with yours, just say you love that design on the girls!!

    You could even go as far as chosing 2 styles you like but you get the final say when he's not there.

    My H2B knows some details, just because its easier when deciding in his outfit.

    However much h2B knows honey, he will never be able to imagine how you are going to look, and I guarantee it will beat his wildest dreams!! :\)


  • Hi, my best friens had a gold skirt and navy bodice with gold embroidery and found it hard to keep a secret....she looked amazing by the way. I am sure you will be stunning and as said before he doesn't have to know the colour of your dress for choosing bridesmaids, and even if he does he doesn't know the actual style or combination

    try not to get stressed I am sure it will all go well, if you have to let him know the colours it is not a dreadful thing at all.

    good luck
  • my h2b guessed the bolero which really disappointed me as i wanted it all to be a surprise. so thanks for the words of encouragement from toosexylady and gimmethatdress.
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