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Hi, I've been doing the usual browsing for wedding related things! and I found a tiara I like on glamourous gowns. Was just wondering if anyone has bought from them and what the service and products are like. The price seems very reasonable and it's the first tiara I've seen were I've thought 'I really like that' as opposed to 'I like that'! If anyones got any opinions to share, that would be great, thanks x


  • Hi, I got my wedding and bridesmaids dresses(and their tiaras!) from that site. I highly recommend them. Alex, who I dealt with was wonderful couldn't help enough and seemed to love what she does!

    I also found the prices were great, but think that is because its a web based business not a full shop? Still I saved loads on my dress budget and I got swatch samples sent out. As I was quite local she visited me at home, definitely contact her and ask any questions....

    Good Luck
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    Thanks!! Makes me feel better. Will def look into getting the tiara then. Possibly one more thing off my list of things to do!
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    Well I haven't bought anything from them but I emailed them to ask for swatches and they got back to me the same day (at about 9pm!) and sent stuff straight away, so I'm impressed so far. Will let you know if I go further with it.
  • Suzy28ukSuzy28uk Posts: 232
    Thanks future mrs c x
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