Cover-up help needed!

I'm getting married in a month and I have a beautiful dress, with a really low back. I didn't think when I chose it though about how difficult it would be to find a cover-up to go over a dress with such a low back. I don't really want a pashmina as it'll just end up slipping down and if I'm wearing the cover-up it's because it's chilly and I need the bit of warmth. Most things I've found so far are slightly cropped or just that tiny bit shorter than the back of the dress, and I think this could look silly. 

Have any of you had the same dilemma and what did you find?? 

I'm starting to get a bit desperate! 

Many thanks for any suggestions xxx


  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    Have you looked at something like a faux fur jacket?  Most would cover past your lower back... Needle and thread do some lovely embellished jackets too if you wanted something less 'bridal' that you could wear again. I saw a lot on various websites when I was looking (also had a low back) but ended up not needing anything as we had a warm day and I was too busy dancing to get cold 😄

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