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My family are having arguments on what I wear. I’m not comfy in a suit and I looked at kilt my mum said it was disgusting and looked like a shirt so I would be self concious.

I looked at waist coat only weddings but people moaned if my shirt was out as it’s a hotel. I don’t like the shirt in. 

So what about wearing a suit jacket only and hiding shirt for pics and switching to a shirt and tie (not tucked in).

Im slim and a suit drowns me and doesnt compliment my shoulders much. I would feel better sooner I’m out it. Kilt wise i can’t decide on a colour and it’s not practical if you need the toilet. I do however look better in a kilt jacket.

So what do I do?anybody here got away with shirt and tie at night only and not tucked in? Any pics would help my choice too. 


  • You could definitely get away with a shirt untucked, especially for the evening do. It might be worth considering a bow tie to make it a bit more formal?

    If it's a hotel wedding I can see why a shirt untucked without a jacket may be a bit too informal but as you said you can always wear the jacket for pictures etc. and then take it off for the rest of the day, I doubt anyone would mind.

    Have you tried maybe going to a tailor and getting them to find you a more fitted jacket? My fiancé is slim built and he didn't like suits for the same reason as you but when we went to get him fitted with a tailor he realised that he needed a mixture of sizes as he's quite tall with broad shoulders but very slim, once he found a jacket that fitted he really loved it. Might be worth trying just to make you feel more comfortable? 

    I googled informal wedding outfits for men on Google Images and there's a few good ideas there too, maybe one of them might take your fancy?

    Good luck with the search :) 

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    My fiancé is tall and slim with broader shoulders, a bespoke suit has done amazing things for him! If you want to wear a kilt- wear one!

  • Should I wear a more fitting suit jacket or more loose?

  • imageimage


  • First pic loose second a smaller one

  • Another pic of the fitted one image

  • heres pic of loose one image

  • Anybody any thoughts on which one is best? Is this look ok without waist coat?

  • image

    imageTwo more options the larger jacket with shirt on show or a waist coat with the shirt out I prefer shirt out but some people say no?

  • imageAnd here is the plan if I ditch the jacket and go shirt tie only I hate shirts in so it would be this look most of day?

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    If you want to wear the  suit jacket or waist coat I think you need to tuck your shirt in or choose a different style shirt; what you have isn’t designed to be untucked. 

    Do you want a tie? A shirt and jacket without tie will probably look better untucked, but typically looks better with a more modern suit

  • Yes I’m keen on a tie.

    So basically I could go jacket only (no waistcoat) as above pics remove the jacket go have a smart shirt and tie?

    I will upload a waist coat and jacket pic do show you I am not keen on that look hence jacket only. I went down the kilt route but family couldn’t agree so I ditched that idea..image

    so there is waist coat and jacket not keen so I would prefer first pics jacket only?

  • alan09344alan09344 Posts: 1 New bride
    I went to awedding recently and by brother was the same.  He didn’t want his shirt in as he always wears them out.  He agreed for the pictures to look presentable. Later on in the evening he like many others including me untucked them. It’s no big deal I guess later on. 
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