Clueless- veil help needed!

Hi ladies, 


7 weeks to go until the big day- eeek!


I went for my first dress fitting which was so exciting but I still have no idea of what sort of veil to get with my dress? 


Any suggestions? I won't be covering my face with it. I have no idea what style or length to get any help would be very much appreciated! I've included photos of my dress





  • Did you try on any veils with the dress? And do you have any idea of what length you’d like?

    It‘s a gorgeous dress and you want to show off that incredible back! I’d go for a single layer cathedral length (the thinner style) - but I think veil preference is quite personal so you may disagree!


    P.S. Can I ask who the designer is?? :) 

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 757 New bride


    What a beautiful dress! How are you planning to wear your hair? Are you planning on wearing it just for the ceremony or all day? What sort of venue do you have (e.g. does it have a long aisle?)

    I would probably go for a one-tier fingertip-length veil with minimal (if any) decoration (perhaps some beads or crystals for added sparkle?). One-tier and plain so that the amazing back detail of the dress shows through, and also because the lacy details of the dress is so pretty that more details might be overwhelming. Fingertip-length because then it will stop just above your derrière and the amazing shape of the lower part of the dress will show.

    Cathedral length would also be stunning, but again I would have it single-tiered and plain so that the dress details showed through.



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,846 New bride

    Agree, I'd go for a plain, sheer fingertip length single tier.

  • Bebe2Bebe2 Posts: 61 New bride

    Hi ladies thanks for your replies so so helpful. I will probably take the veil off after dinner as then I am changing dresses in to something more comfy for the evening.  I didn't get a chance to try on a veil when buying the dress as I bought it in the pronovias sample sale. I agree with something sheer and thin. Can't decide between long or short! the venue doesn't have a huge long aisle. 

  • I tried a few on on Saturday at my dress appointment and totally agree with single layer sheer. Probably no edging or embroidery either - your dress is gorgeous as it is and I don't think you need anything competing with it!

    However, the veil I liked best (and like in other people's pictures too) was one basically the same length as the dress. I'm not keen on fingertip length ones as I, weirdly, find them less subtle.

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