Veil recommendations

OMG my dress is in 

so now I‘m in search of a veil, looking for somewhere that does reasonably priced veils and preferably offers samples as I’m literally clueless regarding differences in material type and which colour will be best with my dress (its antique ivory) ?!?! Help!!


  • I honestly think the best bet is to go to a bridal shop and try them on... it's really the only way you'll know what you like and what works with your dress without having to buy loads and send things back.

    I'll admit I've only been to one dress shop so far (have another appointment this Thursday) but the veils didn't seem to be silly money (as long as you don't want like antique lace or embroidery or anything!) and the selection was mercifully small compared to the squillions of dresses!

    I'm a fan of soft veils that match the length of the dress, and am planning on going for the cheapest one that ticks those boxes!

  • Heather at Sash & Veil is amazing.  She makes all her own veils and would be able to offer you lots of advice about styles/colour etc.  She also trained at one of the top fashion colleges in London and has lots of experience.  

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