Cathedral Veil and dress with longer train

Fellow Brides / Brides to be,

I need your help / advice as I can’t find info about this anywhere.

im getting married in just under 3 months and had a veil made from overseas and I went to my final dress fitting and the veil is slightly shorter then the dress (bear in mind my train is exceptionally long and the dress wide when fanned). I’ve been told by the lady who made the veil because it’s a custom piece She won’t refund it or exchange it.


do you think this looks ok or do you think i’ll look like an idiot on the day. I’m so nervous as I don’t know what to. I’ve my heart set on wearing one (my dad is super traditional and he nearly passed this year and want to make him happy as he’s here to walk my down the aisle) but budget won’t allow for another veil to be made.  


Can tou please tell me if it looks ok or its a complete no. Two of my maids said it looks fine as my dress is so simple but I know tradition dictates that the veil is longer than the train. 


S xx







  • It definitely looks fine; it's very elegant. Obviously if you had it your way, you certainly wouldn't have asked for it to be shorter, but the fact that it is shouldn't make you lose sleep.  The simple fact of the matter is that it is going to be BEYOND RARE that your dress will ever once on your big day be laying this flat and this perfectly spread out. Most of the time, both dress and veil are going to be sort of piled upon one another, like a white tail following you as you walk - until the reception when you're likely to bustle the dress and discard the veil entirely!

    Don't worry about, you will look lovely xx.

  • Thank you. 

    My MoH offered her veil as my “something borrowed” and I said no as it would be too short and now i’ve got a shorter veil regardless (hers was chapel though)

    its got a blusher at the front that is down to my waist, toying with having the comb taken off and shortening the blusher to add length but not sure how difficult that would be with the delicate tulle.

    i know I should pedantic fretting over something so small but I am afraid you lose the lace against the train / it looks like it’s a job half done. 

  • I think it looks beautiful as it is, I wouldn't change a thing. Just enjoy your day 😊

  • I think it looks lovely as it is!! And to echo a point an earlier poster made, your dress won't be this nicely laid flat on the day as you'll be moving and turn throughout so just bear in mind the practical side of things. I'm guessing you tried walking forward a few strides in the dress and didn't find any issues? I'm just wondering if the front of the dress (if at the same length as it appears in the photos) might get in the way of you moving forward as you go down the aisle (unless you plan on doing a "kicking stride" as you go to create more space for your feet as you walk). 

  • It's lovely as is.

    If it was much longer, you wouldn't be able to see the lace on the dress so well.

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