Help, I no longer like my dress! :(

I bought my two piece dress at the beginning of the year. It arrived a couple of months ago and I loved it. It's a black and lavender tulle skirt and a black lace top.

I tried it on tonight and my heart sank, I hated how it looks on me now. The skirt comes around my waist and creates a horrible muffin top, I hate how the top looks on my upper arms, I feel the skirt is too puffy and makes me look dumpy... ugh.

I'm not sure what to do to make me like it again! My wedding is in month. There's no way I can afford another dress. Anyone else done this?


  • Firstly, I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think - we are always the worst critics of ourself! Maybe try it on again but this time with someone you trust and who’s possiblly seen it before, so they can give you some reassurance that it still looks amazing! 

    If you‘re certain that it’s no longer what you want then you only have one other option - get a new dress. I know you said you couldn’t afford one, but there are so many high street options available that you‘re sure to find something. Obviously you’ve not gone for a traditional wedding dress so you’d be better off looking at evening dresses instead. Lots of high street stores will have their new collections with lots of dark, autumnal colours which will hopefully fit you colour scheme/preference perfectly.

    Good luck!   

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