Dress wobbles

has anyone had dress wobbles? im scared iv chosen the wrong dress!


I have 5 months until my wedding and now im worried iv picked everything wrong.  I did try on around 50 dresses before picking this one. its in store and iv tried my dress on, I liked it, I didn't love it because it didn't fit how I wanted it too.  im sure I can have this fit properly on alterations.


however, I want it more fitted under my bum but im worried the alterations lady wont do it because of being restricted to sit down? but when I tried the dress on in the shop the first time, they fitted it with a clip properly under my bum! im worried its not going to look the same.  that was part of the reason I loved my dress in the first place.


iv also chosen a veil, and now im worried iv chosen that wrong because I went for the 2nd one I tried on because my mum loved it! I can be easily led.  therefore im going back to the shop tonight ALONE to look again. 


im worried iv done everything to please other people and not myself.  has anyone felt this way too?!


im quite an indecisive person at times but I like to know iv done the right thing. xx


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    Make sure when you go and get the dress fitted that you tell the alterations expert exactly what you want. Don't rush it and spend plenty of time checking your bum out in the mirror! If they did it in the shop, it should be fine to stitch it the same way. Make sure, however, that you spend time walking and sitting when you're pinned into the dress (easier said than done, I know, with pins around your butt!). You need to make sure that you are comfortable.

    Do you have a trusted friend who really 'gets' what you want out of this dress? Maybe take them along too?

  • I could've written the exact same post a few weeks ago! 


    I didn't try on as many dresses as you though so I thought I may have rushed into buying one of the first dresses I tried on without looking in other shops. 


    I am getting married in 6 months and I collected my dress in August as I have decided to store it at my parents house until it is time for the alterations. 


    Mine is also a fitted one so I want it tight around my bum. Luckily it fits correctly on my bum now, just needs alterations to the top but I have no idea how they'll be able to do that with it having an illusion back and intricate lace detail! I am worried that if I lose some more weight closer to the wedding then it will go baggy on my bum so I am hoping they'll be able to alter mine too. 


    My mum was amazing when I told her I was having dress doubts so we went to a different bridal shop and tried on some dresses I had seen online. It was a bit of a gamble as it could've gone the wrong way and I could've ended up falling in love with another dress but it made me realise that my dress is actually the one for me. I just had to realise that even though I am slim, I'm only 5ft1 so I was never going to look like the 6ft models in the photos. 


    After we had been to the bridal shop we went back home and tried my dress on. My mum is pretty good at sewing so we tried pinning in the dress where I wanted it tighter so I could see what it looked like. This might be an idea for you to try either in the store or at home if you collect your dress. 


    It might also be an idea to have an early appointment with the seamstress and see what advice she can give. Even though I worry about how much altering can be done, I have spoken with lots of people who have said seamstresses can work miracles so I've just got my fingers crossed. 


    I'd also be wary of being able to move in the dress as I am realised that if you want your dress to be figure hugging whilst you're stood up, it is unlikely that you'll be able to sit down comfortably in it or sit down at all! 


    I'm going with a middle ground and hoping that I can have it tight enough so that I can sit on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately that is the only way that I'll be able to have a tight figure hugging dress. It's not for everyone but for me it's not so much of an issue. 


    If you're still really worried I'd book an appointment with the seamstress ASAP and see what they say can be done.


    Hope that helps! 





  • I have major dress wobbles too- and my dress doesn't come back into store for me to try until June. I'm getting married in July, so if I realise I've made a mistake...its too late :( :( :( It literally keeps me awake at night

  • I think the majority of brides have had this same wobble. At one point for about a week I really went off my dress, I have no idea why! Then I decided I did love it and it had just been  momentary lapse. I also bought a veil, went right off it, spent about 2 months thinking I was going to buy a completely different style of veil, now I’ve decided I’m not wearing any veil at all! It’s normal for you to doubt your decisions especially as you’re expected to get the dress so long before the actual wedding. 

    Definitely take it to a good seamstress and see what they can do with it to calm your worries. You’ll love the dress so much more once you see that it can fit your body the way you want it to.

  • Im currently having a wobble at the minuet. 

    I bought mine in a mill shop last march its the one and only dress ive tried on. 

    Now my partner has seen me in it (he burst into tears) which i didnt mind at the time but now im thinking should i get another. 

    You really have to go with your gut feeling . 

    See how you feel when you wear it again x


  • Firstly, I am so glad I wasn't the only one going through this.

    So here's what iv done, I went back to my bridal shop and spoke with my consultant. she understood and said this is very normal and not to panic. 

    She was so lovely, I instantly felt relief.  so she pulled my dress out from the back and the accessories and we went through it all again together.  just me and her.  I decided not to go with anyone else as I needed my own opinion and to discuss my worried with her in private.

    My family would be quick to jump in and say 'You're being silly'. 


    I put the dress on and discussed alterations and instantly felt complete relief.  I love the dress, all the others iv seen recently I looked at in the shop and were nothing compared to what iv gone for.  it suits my body shape and flatters me. 


    Girls, if you are worried, go back alone and try it on again and I think you will come out feeling like me! there really is nothing to worry about.  Dress wobbles ARE NORMAL! thank the lord!


    I am completely satisfied now that I have done the right thing, and peace of mind is priceless.  I owe so much to my consultant as I was in tears with worry and shes put my mind at complete ease :)


    Girls we will be fine, we have this.  our dresses are perfect, and if in doubt put it on again!



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