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Have spent the last couple of hours browsing these forums and already found so much useful info (and got a bit emotional over people’s reports, haha.) 

However, I have seen a few comments which have alarmed me quite a bit re David’s Bridal! I bought my dress from there in August & am now panicking it won’t be ready in time/be terrible quality/poor fit etc. 

Has anyone had a good experience?! 


  • Hi Georgina,

    I picked up my dress from David's Bridal - Stratford last Friday.  I had a positive experience from start to finish, in fact when I went for my first fitting the assistant who sold me the dress saw me, came over to say hello and remembered which dress I picked which was quite impressive considering how many people they deal with each day!

    I had 1 fitting and then another the day I collected the dress to make sure it was ok, it was altered perfectly so I took it home that day.  They even saved some of the fabric for our florist to use around the handle of my bouquet.

    I hope that puts your mind at rest, I too was a little worried when I saw the threads on here!

    Zoe x

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 605 New bride

    My experience with David's Bridal in Stratford was positive, although I bought mine off the peg and took it elsewhere to be altered (I already have an alterations lady so it was more I preferred to use her than I didn't trust David's service). I love the dress so much and I can't wait to wear it!

  • Hey Georgina, you've probably seen my posts about my nightmare experience at their Stratford shop so I won't rehash it here (and actually I spared the worst of the details on this forum). If it helps calm you in any way, I think in general they're a big enough shop to know what they're doing for the most part. It's only when something goes wrong, then they're shown to be entirely inept at handling such cases and it all goes tits up in the most ridiculous of ways.

    It seems that you're either like me and a few others who've had awful experiences with them, or it sails through all the way. Since you've already paid and all, there's no sense in worrying. As long as you stay on the ball about when your dress should come in and chase them when you don't hear from them (don't wait till they call you as they have certainly forgotten to call brides in the past when the dress arrives and the dress is just sitting there for months on end), be strict with them on timelines, you'll hopefully be alright. Also, leave plenty of time between picking up your dress and your wedding date so there's room to correct errors if they do arise! (In my case, it took 9 months between paying for the dress and walking away with a dress that was semi-ok which my seamstress was able to fix at my own expense). Keeping fingers crossed for you! x

  • Thanks everyone. 

    Zoe that’s reassuring, Thankyou! how long did yours take to come in? They said to me anywhere between six weeks and Christmas time, not sure what the norm is with these things really. They also said I would need to collect 7 days after it came in, does that sound right? It’s all a bit of a blur tbh. 

    Omrum what dress did you go for? 

    Shutterbug Thankyou for the crossed fingers (really annoys Me that these random words keep capitalising but can’t be bothered to edit!) I’m sorry you had a bad experience, I’ll definitely try and be on the ball about picking it up/chasing etc rather than assuming I can rely on them to contact me, which I would have naively done! 

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 605 New bride

    Hi Georgina.

    The dress was from the Jewel range - a strapless slightly pink number.

  • oh that sounds lovely! Love the dresses with a hint of colour in them. 

  • I ordered mine at the end of November and picked it up at the beginning of April.  They said it would arrive in March and it did however I did phone to check whether it was there and didn't rely on them contacting me.  

    Once it arrived they booked in an appointment for me to collect it and on that day they booked in my alteration appointment and then I took it home until 13 August.  I then picked it up on 14 September after the alterations. They don't tell you though that you can only pick up after alterations on a Thursday and a Friday so I did have to take a day off work to go and get it.  I had my dress taken in, taken up (quite a lot as I'm v small) cups added and a bustle and it came to about £240 I think.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks Zoe, really helpful! 

    maybe a silly question, but did you stick to the old groom isn’t to see the dress tradition? If so where are You Keeping the dress till the wedding (when is your wedding btw?!) 

  • I did!! It's kept at my Mum's house, it's hanging up inside a duvet cover which is a little random but what the alteration lady suggested! 

    My wedding is 6th October so two weeks and two days to go! 

  • I am another David's Bridal nightmare experience bride, but at a different location. You might be fine going to a different store, but I have made bridal purchases at two different stores in the past, years apart, and both experiences were absolutely awful. 

    The stores were dirty, poorly lit, the furniture was beyond ready for the bin (the chair my mum was offered was about to lose a leg). Twice they had no records of my appointments, even though I had the confirmation on my phone. Once they double-booked me with another bride. Once my dress showed up not in ivory as ordered, but in a colour that verged on yellow.  Once my dress showed up 2 days before my wedding, so I had no chance to sort shoes or jewelry. And they forgot to order the sash entirely. And the same dress, they didn't finish the alterations (the pin holes were still obvious in the fabric) AND the fabric all over the voluminous satin skirting at the bottom was flawed.  It had huge blue-ish gray ripples everywhere from them using the end-of-the-bolt fabric to make it. I had to wear it that way. And yes it was obvious because the dress was completely plain satin.  "Satin" of course actually being polyester.

    They had one pair of shoes in the entire store in my size. Completely plain satin and the box was falling apart. The cashier looked at the falling apart box and reached under the counter and grabbed a rubber band and snapped it around the box and said, "There, now it looks less ghetto."  Her exact words.  Because THAT'S how I want to feel about my wedding shoes - but I was out of time to shop around.

    I also bought a bunch of jewellry there, knowing I would have to make a decision on it basically the day-of the wedding because my sash didn't arrive until the day before. I realised looking at it on my wedding day that many of the pieces were missing stones, which I hadn't noticed when I bought them. Of course, they were non-returnable. I ended up wearing a necklace and earrings I already owned and not even wearing the sash because nothing matched and was not damaged.

    Their dresses aren't that cheap anymore compared to a lot of nicer mainstream designers like Stella York. And they are actually more expensive than many high-end designers when they have sample sales. If I had known either of these facts, I would never have shopped at David's. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there.

  • KittyFiennes wrote (see post):

    I wouldn't send my worst enemy there.

    Oh, man! Stole the words right out of my mouth! This was EXACTLY what I said to friends after my dress issues with them. "The only people who deserve David's Bridal are... the people who work there in the first place." To be fair, I think some of the floor staff do try hard but more than a few give you this "I'm not paid enough to care" attitude and the management (right up to the regional director of UK) is in shambles and that sets the tone for the shops overall. Anyway, the point is, if you haven't started, I'd save the planning stress and go elsewhere. David's Bridal was by far the single biggest source of stress for me in my entire wedding.

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