Wedding rings - how much?! What style?!


would love to see/hear about your wedding rings! Are they all pretty much plain bands/bands with diamonds set in? Anyone got anything unusual? Really not sure what to go for and my fiancé doesn’t wear any kind of jewellery and isn’t sure if he will wear his at all after the wedding. 

how much did you spend on them (if you’re happy to disclose that of course) and what style did you go for? Pics would be great! 


  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    imageI went for a curved band to fit with my ER, and had it reset with some sapphires as I love them and I like the contrast with the diamonds. It's in platinum, and is a nice heavy thick band, so spent more than we had planned but don't regret it. In terms of cost it's really how much you want to spend. How long Is a piece of string! My husband got a palladium band with a polished bevelled edge. His was much cheaper than mine 

  • Oh that’s beautiful, I love the sapphires! 

  • Always happy for an excuse to do a ring flash :)  

    Mine is a 5-stone diamond ring, about 1.5c. I believe it cost around £4200.  We picked it together, which I really enjoyed doing. We rarely shop for anything together!

    I stack my e-ring/ w-ring set with various other little rings I own. It's probably hard to see here, but today I have it stacked with a so-called vintage style rose gold ring with a scalloped design and little diamond bits.  I got it to remember one of our dear dogs that passed last year; it has her name inscribed inside.  I think this ring -which really could be worn as a wedding ring - cost around £250ish.


  • My ER is an awkward/unusual shape so I had to get my wedding ring made so it could sit flush. It’s cost £470 for 9ct white gold, I did want some diamonds but that doubled the price and put it out of budget. It’s finally ready and I’m picking it up on Saturday, I can’t wait!

  • My wonderful fiance bought be an unusual shaped platinum engagement ring, so I need an unusually shaped platinum wedding ring to go with it! After a consultation with my jeweller today, I'm going for half diamond set, and it's going to cost about £700.

    Apparently it's best to use the same metal for both engagement and wedding ring, as otherwise the harder ring (e.g. platinum) would wear away the softer (e.g. gold) ring quite quickly. If both are gold, it's fine, but a platinum ring will chew through a gold one apparently...

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    My wedding ring was £265 in the Goldsmiths sale, reduced from £700ish - can't remember the exact original price. It's an 18 carat white gold half eternity ring with 0.25 carats of diamonds. I did fall in love with 2 rings which were around the £700 mark but sadly that was out of budget for us. I saw alot of cheaper 9ct gold rings I liked too but as my e ring is 18ct, my wedding ring has to be too.


    OH has never worn jewellery and is unlikely to wear his ring often. We haven't bought his yet but he has found a ring he likes which is titanium and around £40. I'd prefer him to get a gold ring personally but it's his choice. The ring he likes is fugly but again, his choice! 😂


  • So the pics have gone wonky, but ours were from Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, and the same shop my engagement ring came from. Both are platinum, and mine has diamonds. For both rings the cost was £1100 which we thought was a good deal! We haggled a bit as that’s acceptable to an extent at the jewellery quarter. 




  • We got a matching platinum set from Tiffany's - his is just slightly thicker than mine. We travel a lot so wanted something really simple that we will feel comfortable wearing :)

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    We went with Platinum bands - plain 2.5mm for me, 5mm for K with two engraved lines, both medium weight. Mine matches the central rail setting in my engagement ring.

    It was just under £1100 for the two in the Jewellery Quarter (we got a discount as my engagement ring was from the same place - they also based the price we paid on the cost of Platinum at the time of order so was less than originally quoted) 

  • We have ordered rings from smooch. Gone for traditional plain bands in white gold. We are having each others' names and our wedding date engraved inside though :) Cost around £900 for both of them, we went with the cheaper 9ct gold for my husband to be's which saved some money.

  • image

    I‘ve got a twisted platinum band with diamonds (to fit alongside my engagement ring) and my fiancé has gone for a 6mm hammered platinum band.

    We got them from a local family jewellers and they cost us about £1800 for both.

  • Ours weren't expensive at all - mine is a white gold 9ct and was £175 and his is a titanium band which was a grand total of £34!!  Only because he probably won't wear it often as he's a gardener so won't wear it to work and he goes fishing and plays with motorbikes at the weekends so wouldn't wear it while he was doing those things either!

    Mine was from Ernest Jones and his was from Elma Jewellery which is an online company.



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