Can I skip a veil with this dress?

 Hi Ladies,


Have had a right mare trying to find a veil for my dress. Spoke to my hair lady today and she said as she is doing such huge hair style she is worried a veil may ruin my hair. She suggested flowers instead. Do you think I could wear this style of dress without one? Or would it look a bit silly? I'm thinking as the train is so big.



Included pics of the dress and how she is styling my hair. 


  • Beautiful dress! I don’t think you need a veil, but it sort of sounds like you do want one and you’re trying to convince yourself you don’t. If you want one, you hair stylist should be experienced enough to modify the hairstyle slightly to allow for one. If she’s used to doing bridal hair it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • I also think the dress looks beautiful without a veil! Of course, if you actually want a veil that's a different story, but as a bride who went without a veil on her wedding day, I'm so so glad I did that because 1) I got to show off the amazing hair that my hair stylist did and 2) it's way less fuss.

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    Could you wear a veil for the ceremony and then take it off for the reception? I am having my hair done similar to yours so want to show it off, but also the fiance wants me to wear a veil, so that's the compromise I'm going for! Besides, I'm finding that the veil tugs at my head, so I think I will be more comfortable once the ceremonial part is over and I can take it off!

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