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  • Did you speak to the seamstress about your concerns in how it’s ‘hugging‘ you? 

    If you're certain the dress is no longer what you want I think wed2b is a good call. It might also be worth looking at sample sale dresses in your size, which will hopefully need minimal alterations. 

    If you’re happy with the work the seamstress did on the first dress, maybe contact them and see if they can alter the new dress as a priority. 

    Good luck and let us know how you get on! 

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    Sorry to hear this. I an sure it looks lovely and you’re probably being super self critical - aren’t we all when it comes to such a big thing as a wedding dress! If you really hate it and it can’t be altered to make you feel better then yes, get yourself to Wed2Be or to a couple of dress shops which haves Samples in your size for sale. Definitely tee up your seamstress though beforehand so that youve got an appointment for any alterations. 

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    Maybe it's just too tight, ask the seamstress to take it out.

  • It absolutely can be done. Get yourself a sample or look on stillwhite or preloved. I got most of my alterations done within a week. It's too important a day to be a dress you aren't happy with or feel confident in. There are also LOADS of high street options. Good luck! 

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  • It looks like the the same dress to me. If not the same, they are almost identical. I would rule that out if I were you, especially since the wedding wasn't that long ago.

    The other dress is pretty and is very flattering. Alterations needed are minimal so that’s also a bonus!  

  • I agree it looks like exactly the same dress. I the second suits you better anyway. It really flatters your lovely figure.

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  • MrsTobe18 wrote (see post):

    I agree girls, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy - feel like I have been these past few days!! I love the second one too, just not sure on the diamanté detail - do you think a seamstress could remove these? Xx

    I feel like this too sometimes! It’s ealsity done with the stress and pressure of everything!

    I wouldnt have a clue if it could be removed or not - I think you're best sending a picture to your seasmstress and asking her. Although it does look like it has bit of lace detailing surrounding the  beading so I’m not sure how it’ll look if you do remove it. 

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