I bought my dress two years early

Looking for some reassurance. I am getting married in September 2020. I've had my eye on a dress for a while and couldn't resist 'just going for a look' (I know, I know). I tried it on and fell in love, so I ordered it. I have no regrets about the dress itself, only at the time it didn't occur to me that I might not be the same size in 2 years as I am now, and I already know that it will need to be taken out a bit (based on my current size). So how much can a dress be let out by?


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    Generally they say 2 sizes each way, but it depends on the shape and fit.

    I bought my dress 16 months ahead!

  • That's good to know. It is quite fitted on top but otherwise very floaty, it is just the waist I am worried about. It's very easy to get carried away, I wasn't even meant to be 'proper' shopping until next year  

  • I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but very very very few dresses can be taken out more than 1 size, unless you put in a corset back.

    You should never buy a dress that is to small as most can be taken in, 2 sizes or more but not out as there is very little seam allowance for this. If the dress is on order for you they should be buying it the size you are now, as you need to drop 15lbs to drop one dress size.

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