How long do you plan to wear your veil for?

As above really; do you (or did you) plan on wearing it all day? Or just for the ceremony and formal photos?

I’m undecided myself, so I thought I’d see what you’re all doing. 


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Until after the cake cut, so basically until night do starts :)

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,068 New bride

    I've got a cathedral length for ceremony and photos, then a fingertip length for the rest of the day 😂

  • I made my sisters veil for her wedding earlier this year, it was a 2 layer cathedral length, she was only intending to wear it for the ceremony, but actually kept it on until the evening do began.

    I’m thinking I’ll probably take mine off before the meal, but I’m just going to see what’s comfortable on the day.

    One bit of advice I would give is put someone in charge of making sure your veil is perfectly positioned for photos. I’ve been to a few weddings where I’ve ended up doing this for brides when having the professional photos taken, but I’ll be giving the responsibility to my bridesmaids. 

  • MrsCToBee wrote (see post):

    I've got a cathedral length for ceremony and photos, then a fingertip length for the rest of the day 😂

    Mrs C to bee, I did this too! Best decision I made as I knew I wanted to wear one all day! I did manage to keep the cathedral one on until after the meal and speeches but loved swapping to my “party” veil, a lace edged fingertip one. Looooove veils! Haha x

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 367 New bride

    Mine is only fingertip length but I'll probably take it off after photos as I want to show off my hairdo. Also, when I tried it it tugged a bit so I'll see how it goes, although perhaps the hairdresser will put it on more comfortably. 

  • Probably only until after photos. I'm an absolute klutz so it's probably for the best that I don't try...!

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,135 New bride

    I’m hoping to wear it for the first dance and then take it off although the back of my dress is lovely so maybe just before it. I am as excited to wear a veil as I am a wedding dress so want to get the most from it!

  • I wore a birdcage veil so took it off to give my new husband a kiss. I had a big hair piece tho, so didn't need both on for long.

  • I intended to take mine off before the meal but ended up keeping it on till after the first dance (it was fingertip length). I loved it more than I thought I would!  It made me feel very bridal (more than the dress! 😄)  and because it was very sheer you could still see the detail on the back of my dress. Agree with the comment about getting someone to place it... Mine ended up one side of my bun on occasion. Having a shorter one for the evening would be good if you go long. 

  • I wore mine until after the 1st dance, but to be honest every time someone hugged me they pulled on it so I couldn't wait to get it off by that point! I did love the look of it though so wanted it on for all the formal photos 😊 

  • I am also wearing a 2 tiered one... cathedral length for the church ceremony and then fingertip for the rest of the day. I have waited my whole life to wear a veil so I sure as hell aint taking it off!

  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,255 New bride

    I have a single tier cathedral laced edge veil which is very heavy. My plan isn’t to wear it until after the wedding breakfast as we’re going off site for couples pictures. I do have a plain 2 tier veil which I might put on for the first dance.

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