Blue shoes or Gold shoes?

Hi Girls, 

just wanted some advice on my wedding shoes. I have wanted blue wedding shoes for a while and purchased some Ted Baker navy heels (see photo below). I love the shoes, however they are a bit uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure I’ll need to change them after the ceremony anyway.

I also have some gold sparkly Michael Korrs platforms, which I also love (see photo below) which are slightly higher in the heel. This is not a problem, as I want to look as tall as possible! 😊 these shoes are significantly more comfortable and I know I’ll be able to wear them all night.

I guess I’m having trouble deciding between them, since for a quite a while now I have been set on blue shoes. I need to decide soon as I am ordering my dress in November and they have said it would be helpful to know the height of my shoes 

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks 😍imageimage


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