Just how do you decide on THE dress?

Okay, I'll start this with a disclaimer - I'm mega undecisive. I know what I don't like, that's easy, but I always think there could be something better (yeah a general problem in life, ha!)

So I've started seriously dress shopping and been to about 5 or 6 shops now. half with others and half alone! to start with I always knew I wanted something non-traditional, a bit more alternative or vintage-y. A bit different. I toyed with a jumpsuit but decided against it. At first I was very disillusioned with things and disliked a lot of what I saw, but now I have the opposite problem. 

There's a good few that I think are lovely but they are very very different. HELP!

To start there's the more 'bridey'  with a vintage / art deco feel

Mori Lee 

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Arianna Pappell - aviana 


I've also liked some shorter ones.

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I've been to a few alternative bridal shops and felt more at home. I tried on and loved skirt and top separates, which felt very modern although there was a hint of a midriff! I then I have just fallen in love with a floral gown too which is stunning but completely different to my original thought.

Is it normal to be this lost and indecisive? I could happily have 4 dresses I think but the budget would not allow.



  • Personally I love the 2 more fitted/beaded dresses. How long do you have until the wedding? Do you have pics of yourself in each? Why don’t you wait a couple of weeks, look back through the pics and see how you feel. Or go back and try them on and you’ll know. 


    I had absolutely no idea what I wanted when I went dress shopping and actually ended up buying the opposite of what I had in mind. I had a pic of me in the dress I loved the most, but I HATED the pic of me in it. Went back a few days later and I hadn’t even left the changing room and knew it was the one! 


    Dont panic buy or rush into a decision. If you’re really torn is there any way you could have a dress for the ceremony then one to change in to for the evening?

  • Thankyou! I've got about 9/10 months, which feels like I have plenty of time, but also I am very quickly running out of free weekends before Christmas to dress search. One shop said I needd to order by end of October too ensure it arrives, although i'm trying not to let this push me.

    I agree, i'm not going to rush into anything and let the dust settle a bit. It would be good to narrow it down a bit though. :) 

  • I was a bit like this...and I had tried on so many they all blurred into one...i would go back to your top 4/5 and retry them, you’ll be surprised how some can feel different a second time. Don’t try on any more...just those ones and really try and picture your wedding with those dresses. Some I loved but I couldn’t see myself in it on the day or struggled to picture how I would style it as I had an overall look in mind...you’ll get there I promise!!! 

  • Miss-MrsMiss-Mrs Posts: 117

    I think you really need to clear your head of ideas and stop saying what you like/dont like/ want/don't want. you putting too much pressure on it and demand.

    you need to chill out and enjoy it. you will find you will come out with something amazing that you didn't think of. I went clear minded I refrained from trying to find a particular dress/style/material etc. My gran actually picked out my dress! its so lovely and probably not quite what I'd go for cz i'd talk my self out of it thinking no way can i get in that. 

    Having said that I'm so excited to wear it. when I tried it on 1st time I had so much praise for it my family said 'that's the one' they were making so much noise ppl from the dressing room next door came to see and loved it. I had to model it for another bride at my latest fitting.

    I'm the first bride in that shop to wear that dress as it was new in.  It was the 2nd shop i went in and probably the 2nd to last dress I'd tried on all in all.


    good luck x

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