My wedding dress is a huge disappointment

I bought my wedding dress over a year ago ready for my wedding next week. 

the wedding dress was a Sample sale and I paid it off in full the day I bought it. The shop lady said she’ll keep hold of it until closer to the wedding when she’ll deliver it to the seamstress for alteration. Fine, no problem. 

so the seamstress needed to take the dress up by quite a lot and replace the zip as it bust. I tried the dress on at the seamstress 3 times but never wheb it had been 100% done, but very close to. 

Anyways, alterations were finished and I was told the dress would be given back to the dress shop where it would be steamed and could be collected. 

I contacted the shop to say i wanted to collect is ASAP. She wasn’t happy about this and said I need to collect it the day before the wedding. I asserted that I wanted to collect it before then and agreed on a collection day - today. 

I got home and unzipped thebag to check on my dress. I can’t eveb put into words how upset I feel. 

I noticed small red marks (at least 3-4) despite the dress shop owner saying all marks would be steamed out. There’s also quite a lot of fraying with the lace. 

The zip that was replaced is white - my dress is ivory. I called the seamstress to express my concerns and she didn’t accept there was an issue and said it was the clocest colour she could get. She also said it was ‘invisible‘ but can clearly be seen. 

Theres also a hole in the skirt where it joins to the bodfuce as the stitching has come loose. 

just needed a rant. But how do I get over this in time for the wedding? 


  • I'm sorry you're having to deal with this :( Firstly, take photos of all defects and areas that you aren't happy with, literally hundreds, different angles, close ups, further away, all of it. You can go back to them after the wedding with these photos to claim damages if you would like to. 

    In terms of "getting over it" allow yourself to feel what you feel, but remember you're going to look stunning, because it isn't the dress that makes you look amazing. Your future spouse will be blown away and wont even notice these details, because all they'll be focusing on is getting to marry you!! 

    Try not to over think it, im sure most things wont be noticeable from a distance and in photos, and then afterwards when you have enjoyed your day you give 'em hell. 

  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 167 New bride

    In your shoes, I would be furious. Take close up photos now of your dress and the damage. Attach them to an email to the shop detailing the damage to your dress and why you're not happy with their response. Explain that you will be seeking further compensation. Send it before your wedding so they can't claim the damage happened at your wedding. I'd also be tempted to publicly and negatively review them. 

    Is there any chance a local dry cleaner might be able to have a look at the marks? Keep receipts for everything so that you can try and get the money off the shop.


  • kitty-kitty- Posts: 121 New bride

    IDtake n the dress to a local dry cleaner. They got so many marks out of my dress and it looked spic and span! Keep the reciept and ask them to pay for it after 

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