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Does this wedding dress look cheap


  • Jo212Jo212 Posts: 3 New bride

    I think it looks lovely!  I've looked at a few from china and money wise they are cheap but I like them and to me that's all that matters. 

  • thankyou for your opinion i aways over analyse everything your opion helps alot 😊

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    I think it looks lovely. I got my wedding dress from China and loved it! How do u feel in it?

  • I actually feel really good in it "pretty" Thankyou for your positive reply 😊

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    Well then that's your answer! If you feel good in it then that's all that matters. Nobody is going to be looking at the lining or grabbing it to feel the weight of the fabric! Mine was very good quality, my seamstress even said so, but was a fraction of the price. It being from China doesn't mean it looks or is cheap, loads of goods are made there, including loads of clothes in high street shops. Well done you on getting a bargain, you can spend the money u saved elsewhere! 

  • Thanks Gill17 you are absolutely right!! 

  • I love it! It looks beautiful and not cheap at all. However, the only thing I would be wary of is the quality - the stitching, the zip, the hem etc, is it well made and do you feel supported in it? If so then I would go for it! 

  • Im a bit worried about the zip it tends to be stiff and you have to pull hard to get it all the way to the top

  • I think a stiff zip should be ok (I’m no expert but just experience!) mine was pretty tough but once done up it wasn’t budging. I suppose it’s more if it feels flimsy at all x

  • It looks gorgeous!! I dont think a stiff zip is much to worry about, mine is like that too but at least it means its unlikely to come down! Just be careful when having someone zip you in that they dont tug at the surrounding fabric. Its really pretty! 

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