Unusual veils

Hello everyone!

So I've seen a lot of unusual wedding veils on Pinterest and Instagram... Ombre coloured, coloured veils, veils with polka dots, veils with stars etc! 

I love them but I'm wondering if people think it's too much??

I live this one from Crown and Glory (apart from the price point)image



  • Leigh83Leigh83 Posts: 112 New bride

    That's beautiful! I don't think it's too much at all. 

    You should go for whatever you want, it doesn't matter if it's unusual.

  • I absolutely love a quirky veil! Especially the one above, if i had the funds id have it in a heartbeat. I think theyre a great way to inject some personality and fun into your look! 

    I'm hopefully going to be making my own veil later on down the line, and its definitely not going to be traditional! 

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 932 New bride

    It's a lovely veil. I think that you shouldn't worry about if other people think it is too much. It only becomes a problem if YOU think it is too much. You don't want to cut back on the quirky details that makes the day about you and your partner and then regret it in later years because you were worried other people would judge!

    But in this case, it's a lovely veil and would look amazing as you walked down the aisle. Shame about the price, though! I assume you've already checked out places like Etsy for alternatives? Or do you have the sewing skills to make one yourself like CoffeeDogAddict?

  • I wish I had the sewing skills!! How are you making your own CoffeeDogAddict? 

    Only thing I'm struggling with is finding a quirky veil to match my dress! I think it has a lot going on already. I've attached a photo, I cut the arm bands off though because they were way too sticky out!

    If not something like what I posted above, I was thinking maybe an ombre veil or subtle glittery one but what does everyone else think?



  • That dress is gorgeous! They're actually not hugely awkward to make, promise!

    There are a few options:

    - Buy a cheap veil and add embellishments/glitter/appliques/dip-dye  

    - Buy a tulle that has a pattern or design you like, then all you need to do is cut it to length & shape it if you want, then to attach to a comb add a running stitch along the top, pull so it bunches up, and then sew it on between the teeth of the comb

    Or a bit of a mix, it totally just depends on the look you want but Etsy has some INCREDIBLE fabric and i have favourite about 12million, so if you want me to chuck links on let me know :)

    (I haven't bought any yet so cant vouch for quality, but its a start to get an idea)

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 932 New bride

    I like the idea of buying a plain one and embellishing it. You can buy Swarovski Crystals which you can use a heat tool to stick them on. you can get small crystals which sparkle a lot despite their tiny size! (I did this as my veil wasn't quite sparkly enough! Probably cost me about £25 altogether.)

    It's a gorgeous dress - I love the lacy bits poking through! Have you thought about having a 1920's style veil? They're unusual but would suit the vintage style of your dress.

  • I love love love your dress and I’m totally on board with unusual veils. I’m also going to make my own - made my sisters and my friends this year and making them for two other friends who are getting married next year too. Ikea to some cheap tulle curtains for £5 - enough to do at least 2 practise runs, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try and follow tutorials on Pinterest.

    I’m going to be thinking of adding coloured embroidered flowers or scattering of tulle flowers or green embroidered leaves, I defo want to bring some colour into it just haven’t decided 100% how. 

  • Thanks everyone! Love the idea of making my own, just not very crafty so good tip on the IKEA stuff for practice runs even if just to practice sticking stuff on!! :)

    By 1920s do you mean like a Juliet cap veil? I hadn't thought of that but I have seen them on Pinterest and they're very pretty

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