What colour bridesmaid dresses?


I'm looking for some colour advice on bridesmaid dresses for our autumn wedding. Our colour palette is ivory, deep green, charcoal grey, rose gold and originally a bit of black, but I'm now thinking that maybe black would be too harsh. My original idea was to have the girls in black and make it a really glamorous black-tie kind of look, but I'm worried that if the groomsmen were in black too it would be too much?

I'm struggling to find charcoal dresses in my budget (under £50) and I feel like deep green is a bit too traditional-bridesmaidy for my taste, so I was wondering what you might suggest? I love navy but not sure it will go with the scheme? Our theme for the wedding was along the 'black tie botanical' lines. I definitely don't want to put them in ivory and the only rose gold dresses I can find are sequins, which I don't want because my dress is sequinned. 

Or should I just keep them in black, in which case what the hell should the groomsmen wear?!

Any suggestions appreciated! x


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