Which dress?

So I've already bought my dress, it's the one on the bottom (no mirror in pic) But it was very close between this one and the one on the left. I keep going back and thinking did I make the right choice? (I don't have heels on in either pics)! I had a bra on with the one on the top and it's a low back so I couldn't wear one on the day and I'm very flat chested. Thanks ! Xx



  • Anyone? Xx


  • It sounds like you had doubts about the one with the low back. They both look lovely on you, main things are that you felt nice and that you'd feel comfortable in the day.

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  • The second dress (one you bought) is stunning and I personally think you made the right decision. It’s beautiful 

  • Both dresses are stunning, but if you need to wear a bra and the dress first picture doesn’t allow for it then I’d said you‘ve made the right choice. Wonderbra do have an amazing strapless bra that goes a little low on the back, might be worth a try.

    The dresses have very similar silottes, the top dress looks a little fuller on the bottom compared to the dress you’ve Picked - if you prefer a fuller bottom half you could always discuss the option of adding more fabric with a seamstress, they can do amazing things.

    If you’re still not sure, maybe try both dresses on again, you might feel differently in them now and the answer might be very clear to you.

    Good luck!  

  • Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to reply and being honest! I tried my dress on again today, and I now don't have any doubts xx

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