How to tell/show mom I bought my dress online

As in the title really.  Neither myself or my mother are ones for shopping if we can get stuff online and try on in the privacy of our own home we are happy! Put us in a shop we are all over the place just get flustered too quick.

I’ve loved the Stella York 6176 since I saw it over a year ago (before I was even engaged just talking about marriage to my now fiancé)

the dress is perfect for me its all I’ve ever wanted a wedding dress to be and it covers old injuries from my battle with depression delicately with the lace sleeves. 

The dress hasn’t been made for sometime as it was part of the 2015 collection. I managed to find a store that had 2 dresses both samples and both my size I picked the one with less wear, “pilling and a little mark on the underside of the train” the dress was £500 down from £1500 couldn’t go wrong! It arrived and after looking for over an hour I see no mark and no pilling it looks BRAND NEW! 

Ive not told my mum I have it, or that I tried it on and love it! Although I don’t think she’d really want to come dress shopping with me I feel I’ve maybe just missed a bonding moment with her and don’t want to hurt her feelings, how can I make showing her a big moment? image 



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    Why not go out for a nice lunch or an afternoon tea and have a chat about wedding planning so you get to spend some time together just as you would if you'd gone dress shopping? Then head back to yours, crack open some fizz and show her your dress. 

    You could even order some accessories, shoes or veils to try on so she can help you pick those out from the comfort of your own home? 


    P.s gorgeous dress :) 

  • I also found my dress online and I think my mum was disappointed she missed out on the whole experience, especially because I'm an only child so she won't get this chance again! (I went to two boutiques solo, and one with a friend - ended up cancelling a boutique appointment with my mum because I'd found the 'online'). I showed her pics via WhatsApp etc but it was only really when she saw it in person that she relaxed. I'd say keep it a surprise until she next comes round/you go to hers and then try it on for her. 

    I'm going to invite her to my fitting appointments with the seamstress so she has some of that 'shopping' experience. I also took her along to a planning appointment with our venue/caterers and I think she felt better/much more involved after that. 

    Hope this helps! Your dress is lovely :) x

  • Congratulations on finding the dress and on getting such an amazing bargain.

    My mum only came on one shopping trip with me and it wasn't all fairy and magical, my eldest sister and Nana also came along and it was my least favourite wedding dress experience.  I actually preferred the one that I went solo on.  So, my mum wasn't with me when I chose my dress, but she did come to see it in the shop and got tearful.  I wouldn't worry about your mum missing out of the shopping experience and it's not all it's hyped up to be.

    I would now go along the surprise element - invite her round, maybe put on some nibbles and fizz, tell her you're popping upstairs to get something to show her and then come down in the dress.  She will have that special moment whether it's at home or in a bridal boutique.  And I'm sure she'll love the dress and it looks fab on.

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    You could still go shopping with her - and after the event tell her you've found one online! If you really think she'll be upset at missing the experience. I didn't take my Mum with me on one appointment and it was where I saw my dress - I went back and made the decision with her there a couple of weeks later but we have different opinions and I was getting quite stressed with her at times so I would add that it is not always magical and lovely!! If you think your Mum will be understanding I'd agree with surprising her and maybe having a nice lunch with some fizz and then trying it on for her at home and make a date to go accessory shopping. Congrats on finding the dress, it's lovely on you!

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