Erm... Bought my wedding dress without a wedding planned!



I got engaged at the end of July and ever since we have struggled choosing a venue/ date/ location.

I decided to go with my mum to look at dresses at the weekends for something fun to do. I went to 3 stores and loved all of the dresses but nothing good enough to buy. On Saturday I went to one of the stores again as it was a trunk show for a designers 2019 collection. I tried on the most perfect dress and was told that after that weekend the dress was going to be cancelled and no longer available for sale (EVER) So I just had to buy it... I couldn't leave the dress for good. 

Now I am slightly panicking as I don't have a date planned yet. I was thinking possibly September or October next year but I'm unsure where will have good weather then?? Either that or May 2020 but its ages away. 

Did I do the right thing? I did cry when I tried it on as it is so beautiful. 



  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride

    Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. This forum and places like stillwhite are filled with brides who have brought a dress too early and changed their mind later on. 

    At the end of the day, if it’s a dress you love and makes you feel amazing, you will hopefully feel the same in it in 18 months time. I’m like you and if I was told it was going out of production probably would’ve ordered it! 

    Try not to overthink it, if you love it, you love it. And don’t look st any others! 

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  • IMOH, it's a mistake. But what's done is done, right?  GinandBling is right, this forum and loads of others are full of brides that buy too early, change their minds, and then end up trying to sell the dress for a fraction of the price on stillwhite and other sites. 

    It isn't even just a matter of changing your mind on style (and trust me, you are going to be inundated with images of dresses between now and when you actually wed). Your dress may completely not fit in with your venue, the season, or your overall plans. A giant taffeta ballgown doesn't really suit a beachside wedding. A boho casual lace dress doesn't really suit a grand hall. A slinky sequin number doesn't really suit a rustic barn. You may end up trying to fit the dress to the season and venue, which could be difficult if you have a relatively fixed set of expectations or needs for either.  If you're more flexible on these things (or the dress is a very simple or classic style) it may not be too difficult.

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    I bought my dress 18 months ahead and still love it. You just have to stop looking.

  • Hi

    Firstly congratulations on finding your dress!!

    Our wedding isn’t until June 2020 and I have already put down a deposit on a dress. It is early but I tried on around 40 dresses and the one I have chosen is perfect for me. I’m late 30’s so I can’t see my style will change that much.

    Try to not look at other dresses and enjoy your lovely new dress :-) xx

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    I chose my dress as soon as we got engaged and never regretted it for a second. I tried on and saw loads and loads of others, but none of them beat my dress. If you love it then you love it, and you have something that's no longer available, so just be happy that you've found the one. I'm sure if you were planning a beach wedding you wouldnt have just bought a meringue, I don't think dresses are that venue specific beyond that really. Remember how you felt when you wore it, and try not to doubt yourself! 

  • I don't think it's too early! I bought my dress in June this year and we didn't have a date or venue or anything planned when I did. Similarly, I was told that because it was a dress from a few seasons back, that if I didn't order it then I ran the risk of them stopping production later down the line.

    I disagree a little with KittyFiennes, I think if you already have a vision of your wedding and the sort of venue you'd like to get married in, there won't be an issue with having to get 'a venue to fit the dress'.

    We hadn't found a venue but knew it would be some form of country house, preferably outside in Summer and so I knew the dress I chose would work with that. Our wedding is now next August, I'm due to pick up my dress before the end of the year and love it as much as when I first saw.

    The key is definitely to stop looking! Don't even do it out of curiosity :) That said, I've seen other dresses (friends weddings and such) since I got mine and haven't seen anything that even compares for me.

    Worst comes to worst, if you decide later down the line it's not for you, sell it on and make somebody else happy with a bit of a bargain :)

  • Thank you so much everyone! Feeling very positive about my dress now. I definitely want an outdoor wedding in the sunshine and even if I didn't, my dress would work amazing with any venue. I could also alter different parts of the dress if I changed my mind on how it looks just now. Now I just need help choosing a location and venue! :) xx

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