Off Shoulder Dress Alterations

imageI have fallen in love with an off shoulder wedding dress. The dress is super detailed with lots of beading- the only trouble is that I can’t move my arms with the off shoulder design! Is there any alterations that could be made? I would even consider removing the straps completely to have a strapless gown if that would be a possibility too? I don’t want to get the dress if I am going to be restricted all night as I want to be able to dance comfortably. Suggestions welcome! 


  • I'm in the exact same predicament but I actually have my dress now. I considered trying to remove the straps but mine has an illusion back so I'm unable to. I have been back to try on other wedding dresses as I considered buying a new one but nothing compares so I've decided I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

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