Freaking out about dress fitting

So I'm getting seriously concerned that my dress is not going to fit me properly.

I had my second fitting a couple of weeks ago and the dress is still really big on top but as it's backless my seamstress isn't sure how we can get the top bit to fit tight to my sides as if she pulls it back it will mean the back will open up and not sit flat to my back.

Here is what it looked like at the last fitting - 


so as you can see it's massive round the boobs.  My seamstress is going to try and reinforce the sides but she's suggested I wear boob tape along the sides to hold the dress against me.

Does anyone have any idea whether this might work? 

This is the model pics of the dress



  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    It looks like it needs taking in to me but I am no expert.  Could you try some tit tape at your next fitting?

    I've got the same worry with mine as I'm having the back taken out but the shop said an extra button at the bottom would help, is that an option (well at the top of where the buttons are)?


  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,426 New bride

    I would say taking it at the sides and shortening the sleeve slightly. Mine was exactly the same and that’s what my seamstress did. 

  • MrsHowgate is right, she should be able to take it in around the seams right under your arms, and perhaps shorten the shoulders a bit. Tape will make the dress basically stick to you where the tape is, it's not going to give a nice, flat, fitted appearance.

    This isn't a complicated alteration; if she can't figure it out, I would take the dress elsewhere.

  • Hello I joined the forum as I was getting married but I am a seamstress. This alteration can be done without altering the back of the dress. Your dress can be altered at the side seams with most of the excess fabric being taken from the front so that it slighlty pivots the bodice to lie flat against the chest. It is also possible to sew in cups to the lining to give extra support ...saves the collapsing of the side seams.  Hope you get it sorted as it is a lovely dress.
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