Can I iron my dress?

So I posted here before about if I made the right choice with my dress, well this is me in my dress now and it's a little creased from being hung with the train up, I bought it brand new from a lady (not bridal shop) so I can't take it back to the shop. I hung it in the bathroom and steamed it for a bit but the crease is in the actual silk/satin material under the tulle. Can I iron it? Or shall I just take it to the dry cleaners... Will it be expensive? Thanks!image


  • You can by a steamer from Amazon for less than £40 that will get it out. But don’t steam the beading. Iron only on the very lowest temperature if this doesn’t work and don’t iron the beading

  • What a beautiful dress!!

    I personally wouldn't take the risk of ironing it, even on the lowest temperature! I once did it with a silk blouse and even on the lowest temp it burnt straight through :( 

    You could try a steamer - again, lowest setting, don't touch the beading and don't use any brush that comes with it. But I'd recommend getting it done professionally! Can't say how much it will be as I haven't had to do that.

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