Big boobed bride .... Wedding day undies... help!

Hiiii so I’ve finally taken the plunge and put a deposit down on my wedding dress woo hoo! 

However I’ve not actually ordered it yet because I’m still loosing some weight for it (I’m a stone and a bit down, one more to go!) I’m hoping that by loosing a few more pounds before ordering i might have a more realistic take on what size to order and will hopefully need less alterations. 

With that In mind ive got an appointment on the 8th December to go and get measured and try it on again - although this isn’t a proper fitting I gwther it’s best to have potentially the right bra/pants so you can check the fit etc? 

So my dress is very low and has straps. I don’t want to get a bra that pushes my boobs up, just supports them without them falling out haha but I can’t believe how difficult it is to find a nice, ivory plunge bra (ideally low line) in a bigger size! i was measured as a 34G last reckon that will go down to 34F by the time I’ve (hopefully) lost the weight and I’m a size 12/14. 

Obviously if it’s a sexy bra or corset style basque thing that will look nice on my wedding night too that’s a bonus! 

any suggestions of places to look at for pretty/sexy plunge bras or basques for bigger boobs I’d be so grateful! I can’t be the only big Boobed bride out there?! 


Thank yooooou x


  • Check out Freya Lingerie. There’s also a blog you might find helpful - fuller figure fuller bust. Lots of lingerie advice for big boobs! Good luck and congrats on the dress. 

  • Bluebella have some nice things up to a G cup, Panache are always great with loads of styles (the Quinn and Clara are particularly good) and Scantilly by Curvy Kate are great for a sexier look, and they do Basques as well. I'm a 34JJ and I've found plenty of bras from Panache and Scantilly that fit me really well. Not sure what style of dress you're having but mine is slightly corseted so I don't need a bra on the day, might be worth considering if yours is similar? :)

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    I'm a 38FF and not wearing a bra on the day, don't need one as my dress is corseted and very supportive.

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    I'm a 28G and my dress is backless so I won't be wearing a bra. I struggle to find bras in my size that are a large cup size but narrow back but once I have bought a lovely corsety like bra from Bravissimo before. Bravissimo is my go to for all bras, however even for everyday bras I find it hard to find a bra that is even remotely nice and girly, I find the larger bras are all boring and the smaller bras are all dainty and pretty patterns! :) 


    If your dress was as tight as mine you'd not need a bra 

  • You could try Katherine Hamilton, Le Mystere or Pleasure State, at  they are pretty good for larger cup sizes. They've served me well as a 34FF 
  • Thanks all for the suggestions! Gonna have a dig around on the websites :) 
  • Think I’ve found it! Well... 2 different ones haha have bought two beautiful bras from Bravissimo and am trying my dress on on Saturday again  and I’m so excited! I’ll keep the extra one as a treat too shhh haha Thanks for your help all! Xx
  • I'm a bit late to this but have also been struggling with a similar problem - I'm a 30G and need a low-backed strapless bra. The lady at was really helpful (Geraldine). I didn't know you can alter bras in terms of the back size (well, a good seamstress can, not sure I could  :smiley:)

    In case it's useful for anyone looking at this thread in future, thought I'd mention. I normally shop at Bravissimo for regular bras but their strapless ones either didn't suit my shape or the one I bought kept falling down, and they didn't have low-backed ones. But I am a weird shape! Hope yours works out beautifully. 
  • Ah thank you so much! I found a beautiful one in Bravissimo in the end - then tried my dress on again and now don’t think I need one typically haha! But that means I have a lovely pretty bra I’m going to save for honeymoon instead 😉 thanks so much for suggestions!! Xx
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    Hope you found a nice bra or lingerie basque for your wedding night. But just a tip for those who are currently in the same situation as yours, take time to choose the right lingerie shop yourself. I mean, if someone recommends a shop to you, you still need to do your research, right? When I was also looking for a lingerie set to purchase, I searched online to find some shops that I can check out. And before I opted for this lingerie store, I first took the time to confirm if they’re selling quality and authentic items from famous lingerie brands. I also checked if they are really knowledgeable about lingerie since I don’t want to buy from someone who can’t even tell me the best type of bodysuit for my figure. Anyway, that’s all.

  • Has anyone tried Ender Legard? I seem to be seeing loads of adverts for them at the moment, and they look really clever for fitting under wedding dresses with low backs etc, but they're quite expensive, so I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually tried any of their stuff before I get swayed by the marketing!
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