Not sure about my dress

I've bought my dress and having the common dress wobble. Wedding is in June so could still get another in time if I needed or wanted to, overtime would also be needed! 

When I first put this dress on it was super snug and I loved the look it gave me so I'm hoping that once it fits properly that will help. I'm also hoping that it's to do with the lighting in the shop that doesn't make it photograph well... 

What do u guys think? The first 4 pics are my actual dress

The following pics are from when I was trying it on in a different shop
They're both ivory and the same size but I lost about 6lbs since I tried it on. 


  • Gorgeous dress - is it a MoriLee by chance?   You can't possibly be doubting how beautiful it is??
    If you don't like the fit, you have lots of options because you have lots of time.  You can have further alterations done. You can buy different undergarments (spanx, a different bra, sewn-in cups, etc). Even different hosiery and shoes will affect the look.  
    Dress wobbles happen to everyone.  Don't take it too seriously.  Just focus on making your look THE look you want for your big day.
  • Thanks kitty, yes it is morilee kenzie. 

    I think it's mainly the fit that's bothering me. I just keep trying to remember how I felt in it the first time when it was all tight but looking back at the photos from when it came in I'm just really underwhelmed and wondering if it's the right one x
  • I believe your dress is perfect. Confusion at this time is just natural. As a bride you are looking stunning
  • eb12080eb12080 Posts: 8 New bride
    It looks absolutely beautiful.

    i think it’s human nature to doubt ourselves, but that is one of the most beautiful dresses I have seen xx
  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 240 New bride
    The dress is beautiful. I'm also getting married in June as well and was worried about mine and thought it was a bit frumpy. Anyway I had my first fitting after the first set of alterations and the dress fits perfect and its blown any worries I had away! I'm sure once its all altered you will be absolutely fine and love it xx
  • abiscottabiscott Posts: 70 New bride
    I think you look stunning in what is an amazing dress!  Once it's fitted perfectly to you, I'm sure you'll be over your wobbles.  Doesn't everyone have dress wobbles at some point though? You're definitely not alone!

    What I did think was odd however, was the choice of flooring in the shop in the first pictures! Not what I would choose to show off stunning dresses!
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