Free Boudoir Photography

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hello everyone, I am a female boudoir photographer from Hong Kong.
I am going to provide a free boudoir package in the last week of Jan - middle of Feb 2019. Please check the info below.
The package includes (Quota :3 )
- 1.5 hour shooting
-15 photos in fine retouch
-all photos in color retouch (around 150 photos)

* costumes/lingeries is not included.
*Make up and hairdo is not included. 
*Some photos will be use for promotion on website/ instagram /other social media. We could discuss which ones are available to post. But I have the final decision on the results.
*the venue is not provided, you could make a booking for a studio, or simply just go to my place. Or if you live in the centre of Manchester, I would be ok to take the photos in your flat. 

I am glad to share my works~please contact me directlyor  e-mail ([email protected]

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