Sister of the groom dress help

Dunno if I’m posting this to the right category so if I’m not sorry in advance! But my brother has just let us all know that he’s getting married in july & im already stressing about what I’m actually supposed to dress like or where I would get a dress from. I’m willing to spend upto £400 on a dress an have been checking out mark melias dresses for some sort of idea. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :) 


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    Unless you're a bridesmaid, just wear a normal dress you would wear to a wedding - sister of the groom isn't really a thing that requires a special outfit like mother of the bride/groom. Alot will also depend on venue and dress code.
  • My sister got married April 2018, with 8 weeks notice, I bought a dress from ASOS for £24 and felt amazing in it and got lots of compliments.  Personally, I wouldn't be spending in the region of £400, if I had the money, probably £100, but I wouldn't feel pressure to spend that just for the sake of it.

    It's hard to make recommendations without knowing your style, but there's some amazing dresses on here that would be perfect:   
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