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Bridal Factory outlet

Has anybody been here and recommend it? It's a good hour away from me so dont want a wasted trip. Any other recommendations for bridal shops around Yorkshire?


  • Hi :) I did the good hour or so drive up there from Yorkshire too and really liked it. Like with most 'discount' places, you don't get the same type of customer service as you would from a 'boutique' but everyone there was really nice and helpful if you needed anything. I got quite lucky as no one else was there when I went so I  had the place to myself. 

    They have a pretty big selection of dresses (from what I remember, although this was over a year ago) and they're set out in different sections so Destination dresses, Curvy, Ball gowns, A-line etc. which is great if you've got an idea of what you're looking for. They also let you go round the racks and look for yourself which is something I enjoyed because I know I'm really picky. Good choice of sizes too for trying on.

    I found my dress there but didn't want a sample so would've had to order. In the end, I ordered it in from a stockist closer to home for fittings etc. as I didn't want to have to keep driving up there so maybe that's an option for you?
  • I went there on Friday and found my dress. The service was second to none. They worked their arses off trying to find me the perfect dress as I have 9 weeks till the wedding. Luckily my dress had not been tried on by anyone yet so it's brand new and came in at 950 instead of 1500! I would definetly recommend them.
  • I got my dress from Elite Bridal outlet in Huddersfield and they also have outlets in Castleford and I think Hull. Massive warehouse done out really nicely, you get assistance to try on about 5 dresses initially that you pick out and they will advise. Really helpful staff, loads of choice, very good prices. It’s family run. 

    Mine was £595 and I think should have been £950. I took it away on the day last year and am going back up for alterations in 2 weeks. 

    Hope you find something! X 
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