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I’ve found a dress I really like but unsure what size to get as I’m trying to loose some weight & although I’ve only got just over 8 weeks to wedding I know I’m so focused I’ve a good chance to loose hopefully nearly a stone or so 🤔 - really need to loose about 3 stone to get to my ideal weight but that’s not going to happen!  The dress is on sale at the moment so I’m a little worried if I leave a few weeks it might not be available 😢
it’s not actually a wedding dress because I don’t want that because it’s just the 2 of us, but I wanted something wedding like and I think this dress is it 😊 just can’t make a decision 🤔🤔 also how do I know if it’s the right one - difficult because I can’t get anyone’s opinion because it’s all being done in secret 😉 the dress is a little long so might have to try & get it altered as well 🤔 or should I just risk waiting to a bit nearer and seeing what’s available then 🤔 
any help please I’m getting myself stressed about this ☹️ 
Thanks xx


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