Alteration help!

Hi all, would really appreciate some help and advice please!

I bought my wedding dress a while ago and forgot to get alterations sorted until now! Because II bough it off the rack, it's several sizes too big for me and needs a lot of work altering. The sides need to be taken in, and there is a zip on the side. It needs hemming and the skirt section has 4 layers. The shoulder straps need taking up, but it's beaded so that will be complicated. 

I live in North London and got a quote from Elite Alterations ( for about £500. I also got a quote from Make Me A Wedding Dress ( for about £200 (although she said "let me see your dress first"). Both of these quotes were done over email, by photos. I also got a quote from Alterations Boutique and got an eye watering quote of £600+. So that was obviously a no haha

The issue I have is... My dress is a really beautiful Pronovias/La Sposa dress and I really don't want it to get ruined! Elite Alterations have amazing examples of her work on Facebook, but the cost is nearly half the cost of the dress! Whereas Make Me A Wedding Dress... I don't know if I should trust a price that is that much cheaper. Has anybody got any experience with either of those companies?

And for reference... Here is my dress! 😊

Thank you!!


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