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Wedding jewellery advice please!

Hello, I am getting married in May and will be wearing this lovely dress. However, I am not sure which bracelet necklace and earrings to pick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It is a military/country wedding if this helps, also my engagement ring is diamond and sapphire and I would like to include another sapphire somewhere if possible. Thanks! 


  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 260 New bride
    Do you have any (unloved) family jewellery lurking anywhere? I ended up being allowed to dismember my great grandmother's ring for the stones, and had them made into stud earrings and a small pendant.

    I agree with a bit of sparkle on a wedding day, but personally think slightly understated is the way to go.
    Your dress is awesome - you wouldn't want anything trying to compete with it!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    The necklace you have on in the pic looks lovely!
  • laurelaure Posts: 1
    Wow your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Love the style. Because it's so intricate and has a beautiful V neck, personally I wouldn't wear any necklace or pendant. I'd take the less is more approach but perhaps have small diamond and sapphire style tear drop earrings. depends also how you'll be wearing your hair?
  • Your neckline is absolutely stunning, but also low enough for you to wear a delicate pendant and it not look OTT. I would try and find one that ties in with your engagement ring with a small sapphire, it will look beautiful. 
  • Thankyou for your help everyone! 
    Laure - planning to wear my hair in a loose braid, I also have a veil as long as the train
  • jessica.e, Your dress is looking gorgeous and you also looking so beautiful, So I want to suggest to You should wear silver or diamond jewelry, then your personality will grow more and you will look different in all.
  • I would try and go for pearls, a single strand with a small diamond clasp would look great on you.
    Lover of all thinks antique
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