I can’t stop looking at the other two dresses I was in between 😭

I picked my dress, I loved it. Once I could invision lace off the shoulder straps added I immediately said this is the one! I loved the 3-d applicated flowers and how I invisioned myself getting married at our mountain venue. As soon as I got home I starting doubting, reassured by my mom and sister I decided it’s just because it is a big decision. Please help after a month I still can’t get out of my own head. I want to make sure I picked the right dress for my day. The first one is my Mori Lee gown I chose that is an A-line and the other two I keep looking at made me feel more sexy.


  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 828 New bride
    I much prefer the first dress, the one you’ve chosen, it’s so flattering. I think there are so many different dresses out there that it’s easy to doubt our choice as there are so many ways you could go with it. None are the wrong choice as such, but I think trust your first instinct on this one - it’s beautiful! 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 365 New bride
    The dress you picked suits you the most, even though the others are also nice. If you want to feel sexy, why not invest in some nice lingerie to wear underneath?  ;)
  • Rin NightRin Night Posts: 167 New bride
    All 3 are gorgeous, but I definitely, definitely think you made the right choice! I literally said "wow!" when I saw the first one! (3D flower details are a favourite of mine too!) It's so unique and stands out a lot more than  the other 2. I think it's normal to have some doubts, as you said, it's such a big decision! But in this case, I think you've got a winner! Stunning! :love:
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  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 367 New bride
    You look lovely in all of them but I think the first one is the most beautiful and flattering :)
  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 251 New bride
    I agree with the others - loving the first one.
    Also unique, and I'm 100% on board with something just a tiny bit unusual for a wedding - no need to be conventional!

    I'm also going A-line, partly because of being able to sit down in it easily, and eat what I want without worrying on the day. Mine partly makes me feel awesome because I know I'm going to be able to have a good day wearing it, not just look awesome when I'm standing still.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,064 New bride
    The first definitely looks best, and will be infinitely more practical for an outdoor wedding. The 3rd is nice too, but I'm not a fan of the second dress at all to be honest.
  • I love the first one as well.  Very flattering and the the 3D flowers are a really beautiful and unique touch.  I agree with whomever posted about getting some sexy lingerie for underneath (or for the evening after!) and stick with the dress you've chosen.
    Almost everyone has dress wobbles.  It helps to stop looking at other dresses.   
  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 363 New bride
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    I definitely think you made the right choice! The first dress is beautiful and really flattering on your body. Plus it will be so much comfier and more practical on the day :smile: The other two dresses look like they could be a pain to move around (and more importantly dance around) in.

    Gotta love Mori Lee. My dress is by her and quite similar but with straps. 

    P.S Now please stop looking at the other two and delete the pictures from your phone! Otherwise you're just going to keep doubting yourself. There's a reason you chose the 1st dress in the first place.  :D
  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 10 New bride
    100% the right choice. The flower detail is stunning and it looks so romantic and glamorous. It's gorgeous and while the other two are nice the one you have chosen is much more unique and you look beautiful in it. 

    I have gone for A line too and have had similar wobbles because I originally wanted something sexier. But when I tried the sexy mermaid dresses I felt daft and I just know I would have been fidgety and uncomfortable all day! 
  • All three dresses are beautiful and you look stunning in the first one.
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