How did you know your dress was 'the one'

Tried on quite a few dresses last weekend and some were just an outright no. Others I ummed and arred over. One I burst into tears when I looked in the mirror.... 


  • I think that might be your answer....! Sleep on it and see which on you wake up thinking about :smile:
    I read somewhere that you don’t have to try on every dress to know it’s the one, just like you didn’t need to date every man to know your future husband was the one!
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    I was generally just wondering how other people knew their dress was the one they wanted? What was it about it that made them feel it was the one. 
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    I don't believe in 'the one' for men or dresses!
    I knew I wanted lace and not strapless, but from then on it was a case of a) is it flattering? b) can I afford it?
    I didn't cry or get emotional, but I only tried on 4 dresses and have never doubted my decision. The key is, once you buy a dress, just stop looking!
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    My dress wasn't one I picked out myself it was chosen by the women who owned the store. I knew it was the one though as it was the first one I tried, then I tried others on and I went back to that one in the end and tried it back on. I didn't want to take it off and I could see myself walking down the aisle in that dress, that to me is how you know a)if you don't want to take it off and b)if you can imagine you walking down the aisle in it
  • Mine was also chosen by a shop assistant!
    The dresses I picked out for myself were either too like the dresses I've worn to black tie dos, just in white and ivory, so didn't feel special, or just a bit, well, generic.

    The ONE made my giant shoulders disappear (cause it has a MASSIVE skirt to balance them out), and made me feel like I could absolutely rule the world. On paper (and still in the photo on the model) it was NOTHING like I thought I wanted, but it looks phenomenal on me and shows off all my good bits.
  • The style and type of dress i really loved looked like a sack on me. I tried a few on similar and each had the same result, a total bag. While they looked lovely on the models they did nothing for my shape at all. The one i ended up with we actually picked out as a bit of a joke, thinking it was so far from what i had gone in wanting, but in the end it was great. 
    I didnt have a "moment" as such, but i put it on and knew it looked better than the other styles i had liked. I actually only made my decision after looking back at photos of myself in all the dresses because in the photos you could really see how i felt and it made it so obvious haha. 

    There are millions of incredibly gorgeous dresses, and as someone who grew up loving to dress up theres a part of me mourning the fact i cant wear them all, but i love my dress and i dont think theres ever just one. As long as you feel great in it and can afford it youre onto a winner!
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    There isn't necessarily a One, and don't go into the shops expecting to have a magical "moment". The important thing is to find a dress that looks good on you, suits your style, is comfortable and is within budget. There are so many dresses to choose from you might even find two or three Ones.

    I had two Ones. The first was gorgeous on me but as it was two years before the wedding and more than I had envisaged spending on a dress I didn't buy it. The second one had all the same features that I loved about the first, but was cheaper and perhaps even more lovely. Everyone's journey to their dress is different.
  • I just knew! I really didn’t believe in ‘that feeling’ and it wasn’t like a tearful emotional thing, just a ‘yep we’re done looking, this is it’. I couldn’t stop staring at it in the mirror and smiling to myself, and I didn’t care what anyone else thought. All the others I’d wanted to know what others thought but I didn’t need anyone else’s opinion
  • I knew before I got to the shop that it would be The One. I'd seen it first on Instagram and loved it, months before we got engaged(!) but obviously didn't think more of it until it came up on my feed again, then I realized that my local boutique is the only stockist of that designer in the country. Meant to be! It was just everything I knew I wanted, and when I tried it on it looked just as I'd hoped, and I felt like I looked the way I wanted my new husband to see me on our wedding day - if that makes sense. My friend owns the boutique and she made me try on about twelve dresses in total, and told me to go to different shops too (I think she was worried I felt like I had to buy it from her!) but honestly nothing compared. Plenty were really beautiful and I'd have been perfectly happy wearing some of them, but once I'd tried that one on, nothing else came close. I've tried it on three times since (once for a bridesmaid who hadn't made the original appointment, once when I paid my deposit, and once for my mum and nana) and every time I have just loved it. I can't wait to put it on again! I never cried or got emotional, I just absolutely knew that nothing else would beat it. My bridesmaids, my mum and my nana all cried though. I would say to take your time - even though I knew in my heart that it was The One, I didn't leap into purchasing it. I saw it in February last year, tried it on right at the end of April and didn't put a deposit down until the end of June. You have to be sure, otherwise it could be an expensive mistake to make! If the owner lets you go back and try it on again, I think that really helps. And take lots of photos! x
  • My best friend and MOH was who I took with me because I knew she would be completely honest with me and she was. Even though I was squeezed into a size 10 sample (I was an 18/20 at the time), with the assistant holding it closed at the back within an inch of her life, she knew it was the one and burst into tears. Now Lisa is the least emotional one for sure so I took that as a sign and paid for it there and then!
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    I didn't really (still don't- ha!). 

    It was one that I liked, that suited my body shape, that I could comfortably wear all day, and that was in my price bracket. I'm sure I could carry on looking and find something else I also love. But to be honest they are all truly beautiful dresses. It's almost impossible to choose. 
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  • I chose a fitted, sleek dress, when I expected to pick something more a-line, so this threw me a bit at first. It was the second shop we went to, and whilst all the dresses were beautiful my dress felt really comfortable, pulled me in at the waist and was structured and I was obsessed with the train! Then they put some capped sleeves on and that was it! It wasn’t an overly emotional thing either, more of a “yay I love this one!” Kind of thing. The shop assistant picked mine out and I initially dismissed it on the hanger. I then went back to the shop a couple of days later on my own to try it again. The shop assistant asked if I wanted to try any others on as well as this one, and I said yes please, but nothing more expensive than this one as I knew it was in budget. Tried on a whole load more and went nope, put mine on again and just went yep!
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