Opinions please

Hello, I'd really appreciate others views on this dress:


I am 44 and getting married for the second time so whilst I want something 'weddingy', I don't want something OTT.

The dress arrived today and I love the colour (the picture doesn't really do it justice, its a very light blush pink with ivory over-lay) and the back, with all the lace. I'm just not sure about the front, top half with it being a halter and sleeves.

I am about 5'7'' and a size 8 if that helps?

Thanks in advance x


  • I really like it actually - it's unusual!
    I think you have the height and slimness to carry it off by the sounds of things.

    I'm 38, almost 5'6" and an 8-10 but have heroically wide shoulders so I know I'd struggle with the lace overlay part, but that's just me.

    Are you willing to post a pic of you in it?
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    I like it, but my thoughts were exactly the same when I saw the front top half. I think you need to try it on because these kinds of dresses look vastly different in real life then they do on the models here. I find a lot of places (like ASOS or Forever Unique) don't look that great on the model photos, and then in real life they're great! Maybe order it, try it on at home with your hair and makeup done nicely and see what you think, worst comes to worst you can always send it back. 

  • I think thats gorgeous!! I would love to see it on if you feel comfortable showing us a pic!
  • I think it's gorgeous too!  Especially for someone of your height.  Is it online only or do some Phase Eight's stock wedding dresses?  It would be fab if you could try it on before ordering.  I'd never have thought of looking there. 
  • Thanks Ladies for your comments. I think I'll order it and will post a photo...

    Abiscott - I think there are a handful of Phase Eight that stock wedding dresses, but not one near me so I'll order it online

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