Wedding shoes for farm reception, shorter dress - help!


If anyone could help me choose my shoes I'd really appreciate it - my first fitting is in a week and I'm stressing! I'm wearing this dress in ballerina length: 

I'm tall so heel has to be max 6cm. I'd prefer a block heel in theory but I think a skinny heel looks nicer... I have problems with my long skinny feet and need a strap - all of this has really limited my options. The ceremony is at a church, but the reception is on a farm - the areas outside are mostly paved/decked but I'm anxious about the car park being muddy and areas around the farm where we might have photographs taken. This makes me worry about wearing satin (even though I love some Rainbow Club ones, and leather ones are soooo much more expensive!!) I've thought about possibly changing into wellies for the muddier bits? 

Here are some options I've found:
- Rachel Simpson Isla in Mint (I like this as the colour makes it more wearable afterwards, but bridal party are wearing pale blue dresses and ties? Groom in a pale pink tie)
- Or the same in Ivory:
- Rachel Simpson Chloe Gold (probably the most practical option, but less me as they're quite glam):
- Rainbow Club Harlow (just the satin issue really. Thought about dying pale pink)
- Rainbow Club Estelle (Less worry about getting them dirty, but maybe too glam):
- Joe Brown Sunny Sunday (Most affordable and practical option, but are they 'special/bridal' enough?
- Charlotte Mills Cece Blue (These are ridiculously expensive but would go very well. Again I have concerns about the sparkly heel getting dirty and ruined? I was also thinking of wearing a satin bow birdcage veil so it might be bow overload? - The back of the dress also has a bow - I love bows!) 

Sorry for the long list!

Thank you :-) 


  • Your dress is absolutely gorgeous 😍 My favourites of the shoes you posted are the Isla in Mint and the Joe Browns ones x Have you looked at Rubyshoo? I have two pairs, for my wedding and separate celebration party. I'm not sure about the heel height, though, but they do have straps. I have the Maria and the Sylvia x
  • Thank you :smile: I love Ruby Shoo but most of them are too high for me, or if they are low they have no strap (they would just fly off my skinny feet as I walked down the aisle!) xxx
  • Sorry I wasn't much help. I do love the Isla in Mint, though. They are beautiful xx 
  • I absolutely love the Isla ones and if I hadn’t already bought Charlotte Mills Betty I’d get them. Another idea I had was Charlotte Mills Cora ... they are sparkly but might resist mud better in some ways? They aren’t too high heel either. I like all your options but especially the Estelle ones and Chloe Gold, both of which as you say are fairly practical (as far as wedding shoes can be!) The Rainbow Club ones are nice but I agree on the perils of satin in mud etc.
  • Thank you both for your help :-) Those Cora and Betty ones are lovely. I think I might have to control myself though and keep to a £200 budget! I'm starting to lean more towards the Chloe Gold (they're in the sale this weekend so feels meant to be!) and possibly Isla. I've ordered all of them to try on. Estelle might be ok too. Decided I probably just need to avoid satin even though I love the Harlow ones, as I have so much anxiety about the mud - don't want to be a dirty, scruffy bride! x
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