Changing the colour of a dress

Hi everyone, 

I really hope someone can help. I am desperate to use a dress that I myself wore when I made my first holy communion and again when I was flower girl for the flower girl at my wedding. The dress obviously has lots of sentimental value and I just cannot find anything that matches its style or standard. 

The problem I have is that the dress is 20 Year’s old, naturally has some discolouration, but most importantly, is ivory.  My wedding dress is white and so the flower girl dress will not fit and will just look dirty and old. 

Is there any way of bleaching the dress to make it white? The bodice of it is satin with lace and pearl embellishments and the skirt of the dress is like a net material. 

I really appreciate any advice that could help. I have a feeling that what I’m asking is impossible but really hope that it isn’t. 



  • Check with a professional cleaner. Def do not attempt to clean or bleach something like this yourself. You could end up literally disintegrating the fabric. 
  • I would definitely take it to a professional cleaner, depending on what type of thread has been used for the dress and what the net is made out of, both may not take to bleach / dye.

    If it cannot be brightened, maybe you could find a dressmaker who could take elements of the dress and create a new dress for the flower girl that suitable - kind of like what they do on the show "Something borrowed, something new".
  • Definitely leave it to the professionals to clean it, what a lovely idea though. Guess it helps out with the Something Old section of Something Old Something New....
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