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Hi brides,

If you could give a newly engaged bride one piece of advice before she goes dress shopping, what would it be?

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All you have to do is post on this thread to say what, based on your own shopping experience, is the most important piece of advice you’d want other brides to know before they start their dress hunt.

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We’ll keep this thread open until Wednesday 20th March, and we’ll announce the winner’s name on this thread on Friday 22nd March.

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  • Don’t be afraid to do some shopping on your own! It’s an amazing experience to go shopping with your bridal party, but sometimes there can be too many opinions. That time on your own can help you work exactly what it is you want, so you’re 100% happy with you’re final choice
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    Depends entirely on your taste and what you feel most comfortable in. Some people like the whole princess version, others are more edgy and alternative. Your choice can be influenced slightly by your venue and size of wedding party and if it's a church, registry office, hotel or just the two of you on a beach but remember, plenty of people will be more worried about how they look, many won't like your dress, many will think you look lovely but won't be able to describe it afterwards so... wear what makes YOU feel good, if you are happy and confident you will look good. You don't need to spend too much either to look beautiful, no-one knows where you got it or how much you paid, unless you tell them. I would agree that it is good to do some shopping alone first because if you take a lot of people everyone will have a different opinion and you will just get confused and end up choosing what you think you should have rather than what you want. My own experience? First wedding, bad experience as a bridesmaid put me off bridal shops, I had my dress made by a lovely lady but I hated the dress so much that i wanted to put my jeans on for the evening party!!! I didn't really get to see it until the last moment. This time around I realise the money is best spent on a sofa or a holiday😁 so I have been trawling the high street online, Ted baker, phase eight, whistles, top shop, ASOS and chi chi all have lovely well made dresses for reasonable prices and try a bridesmaid dress too, some are nicer than the brides dresses! 
  • Shop with an open mind, and always be willing to try on a dress suggested by the dress shop staff - they see HUNDREDS of brides of loads of different body shapes, styles etc and have a wealth of experience in helping lots of women look good. And most brides (including me) have never done this before.

    I ended up buying the dress that the shop assistant picked out for me - I love it SO much. I would never have picked it from pictures online, and it's totally different from what I thought I wanted when I started shopping. But it's perfect!
  • The one thing i would say is try everything!! Even if on the hanger you think its the total opposite of what you like, give it a go! I only found my dress because my sister picked it out as a total wild card, and i only tried it on because i thought it would be funny! You really just have to give everything a go. 
  • Honestly my biggest piece of advice is to not get hung up on dress sizes. Bridal dresses are constructed very differently to everyday dresses so you might end up getting one 2 sizes bigger than you'd normally wear, or a size smaller. And even then you'll most likely have to get it fitted to you anyway! so don't get upset if you have to go up a size or two, no one will know and the important thing is you'll look your most amazing!
  • Make sure you don't have a fixed idea of what you want, try lots of different styles. You might be surprised by a design that you previously didn't think would suit you. Most importantly enjoy yourself!!!
  • My advice would be to not take too many people with you when you go shopping for your dress - just pick one or two people. That way you won't get too many different opinions and you'll enjoy the experience so much more!! x
  • Be prepared to try on different styles, not just what you think you like!! I always thought lace tea dress would be the way to go for me but when I tried on a full length plain dress it was the most "bride" I'd felt... 
    Dont be pressured by anyone else's opinion either ... this is about you and what you feel comfy and beautiful in! X
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    Don't go in with the idea that there is only The One Dress for you, and that everyone will melt down into tears when you try it on (SYTTD isn't real life!). There are so many different dresses to try on in so many style that suit so many budgets. The important thing is to find a dress that suits your figure and your style, suits your budget, and is comfortable to spend the day in. When you've found one with all those ticked-boxes, imagine the look on your partner's face when they see you. The chances are, they'll think you look beautiful no matter what you wear. If you then get The Moment and a crying entourage, that's just a bonus.

    On the subject of entourages, there are no rules about who you bring: Mothers and MILs don't get an automatic invite! Take someone who knows your style and what you want, not someone who will try to get you into something they want you to wear. Even if your mother has offered to pay for the dress, this doesn't give her leverage to chose what you wear. You don't even need to take anyone, if you'd rather go alone.
  • Be open minded and willing to try different styles- after all it is a super fun experience trying on loads of pretty dresses! Trust the bridal assistant, they know their stock better than anyone and they know what would look good on you from their experience. So many times during my dress shopping I would ask the assistant to pick something they think would suit me and fits with what I want and they always delivered :) 
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    Some excellent advice here, everyone!
  • That dress you have saved everywhere (phone, laptop, Ipad) can end up not being the dress you walk down the aisle in. This happened to me I was adamant that this dress would be my dress until the shop assistant gave me one to try on (which I refused at first) when I came out in it I and my sister cried. Xxx
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    Enjoy the experience and try not to stress too much. If you don't feel like you have found the one then don't panic, you can book more appointments. Try a mixture of shapes on but I would advise trying on too many. Listen to the boutique owners as well they are very experienced in knowing what will work with your body shapes, they are amazing stylists and they want you to feel amazing just as much as you do. Have a budget in mind with a bit of leeway, you don't want to try on dresses that are completely out of your price range and full in love with it as you may find nothing compare's to it but you can't afford it. Think about practicality as well, if your getting married oversea's then you need to think about the material and the size. And finally expect the unexpected, there my be a style that you thought you would never go for until you try it on and realise it's perfect. xxx
  • Lots of amazing advice above!

    If I had to give one piece of advice it would be: think about how you want to experience your day, as well as how you want to look. I know that I want to dance a lot, to go to the loo on my own and not to be worrying about a strapless dress falling down. On the other hand, I know that I'm comfortable in super high shoes, that I'll wear any kind of lingerie needed and I don't care about being a bit warm or a bit cold. Taking all of that into account really helped me to narrow down the dresses once I'd started looking. You don't just want to look beautiful but feel amazing all day too!
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    This sponsored thread has now closed! Thank you all for your words of advice.

    I'm delighted to say that the winner is TooHappyToBeFunny - congratulations!
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