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I'm getting married in January 2020 and am yet to start dress shopping. Truthfully I'm terrified about it, I hate the way I look so finding something to wear for our wedding is an enormous task. 
I've lost a couple of stone but I've still got a way to go before I'm happy with my weight and shape. It's taken me over 2 years to get this far and I'm not convinced that I'll be happy with my body by the time the wedding rolls around in 10 months.
I need advice about how to approach this task without completely losing my mind. TIA


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    I was dreading wedding dress shopping a bit too, mainly because I’m not typically girly and knew I wouldn’t get the whole ‘it’s the one’ teary moment which almost feels expected. More than anything else I couldn’t imagine ever wearing a wedding dress, they seemed fussy and just not...me. 

    I would say just do your research, you may feel more comfortable trying somewhere live David’s Bridal which I understand can be a bit less formal, rather than all eyes on you in a closed boutique. Speak to friends who have recently got married, look at reviews, have a think about the kind of experience you would be most comfortable with and book an appointment somewhere that fits your ideas. Go without any expectation on yourself, just to have a look and get an idea of what you like and don’t, anything else will be a bonus. If you are plus sized make sure you go to a shop which carries sizes that will fit, as it can make a difference to how you feel. Honestly though, I was really pleasantly surprised with my experience, dresses are made to flatter and something well fitting can really make you feel good about yourself and give your body image a boost. Good luck!
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    Definitely with @RuthP on making sure that the places you're visiting carry some samples in your size/a size above/a size below. It's also worth baring in mind that wedding dress sizes are completely out of whack with high street sizes. I'm currently a size 18 on the high street and my wedding dress is a size 22!! I nearly dropped through the floor when they told me that but it's important to remember it's just a number (a silly one at that) and that nobody needs to know what number is tinily stitched on the inside.

    You'll find as well that any decent wedding is made out of such amazing material that it will cover up the bits of your body you'd rather hide and accentuates the bits of your body you actually like. 

    It's important before you go to get an idea of what style/shape of dress will suit your body so do your research. But also think about the clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis. Do you normally wear dresses that hug you in the top and then skim down over your bum/thighs/legs? Then an A-line is probably for you. Do you normally wear something fitted in the top and middle that flutes out towards the bottom? Then a mermaid/fishtail may be for you. 

    That's not to say don't try something just because it's not what you'd usually wear. But I find we generally have a better idea of our bodies - which bits we like and don't - than others. 

    And if you're planning on losing more weight before the wedding, try going dress shopping in some form of shapewear so you'll have a better idea of what it will look like closer to the time :)

    But honestly, all that aside, just try and enjoy the experience. Don't expect too much on the first visit and don't expect to have one of those teary "OMG, this is absolutely the one, I just 'knew'" moments because it doesn't happen to everyone and it just puts more pressure on you xx
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