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Boho wedding dress

Hi all!

I’m on the hunt for a boho, hippie style wedding dress preferably under £200. I’ve seen lots I like on Etsy/Pinterest but I don’t know which websites to trust...any reccomendations? 


  • SarahexxSarahexx Posts: 5 New bride
    I was looking for something similar and found such gorgeous ones online but the websites are just not trust worthy! 
    For your budget I would therefore recommend you look at where you can get gorgeous second hand dresses, or (and I got this genius tip too late to use myself) but have you consider a bridesmaids dress but in Ivory to use as your wedding dress? They are much cheaper and really beautiful and light weight etc, more likely to fit the Boho theme than a wedding dress  😊 
    hope that helps x x 
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