The wedding dress hunt...

Hi all,

I have been looking online for wedding dresses and am struggling to find anything that meets my criteria so am sort of hoping that one of you has seen/tried/bought something that does and can point me in the right direction!

I want something A-line or ballgown - I know that people say you should try different silhouettes but I get really bloated so don’t want anything too tight around my tummy that will be uncomfortable. Sleeveless but not strapless and not a low / very open back as I have acne scarring on my back and want to cover this. Ideally it would be a sort of lace / illusion back. Every time I see something that looks promising from the front it’s really low at the back!

I don’t want to spend more than £1500 including alterations so will be going to David’s Bridal and Wed2B but also been looking at designers like Morilee and Stella York - but as all the boutiques seem to stock different combinations of designers I’d like to find some that have a few promising options before I decide where else to go.

Thanks in advance! 😊


  • Maddie8Maddie8 Posts: 1 New bride
    Have a look at romantica of Devon. Obviously prices vary boutique to boutique but should be in your budget. I saw one I liked online and they send a sample to my closet boutique who stocked their dresses 
  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride
    I would research designers online to find styles that I like and then find stockists.  From there, you can often follow the shop on social media or join an email updates mailing list; they often have samples sales and this way you can get alerts on those sales.  £1500 would usually be a plenty sufficient budget for most designers gowns at a sample sale.  There was a bride on here about a year and a half ago that scored a "big name" English designer gown for about £750.
    If you don't have time to wait for a sample sale, I would def check out Wed2B.  They have loads of ballgown styles. Don't be deterred about a low back. That is a very easy fix for a good seamstress. They can add a beautiful lace or gauze back to just about any low back or no-back gown.
    One other thing to consider as well, most of the dresses you will try on will be tried on "as-is."  A good petticoat and/or hoop can add incredible volume to the skirt of any gown for not a lot of money.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,942 New bride
    Where do you live? £1500 is plenty to buy a dress from a boutique.
    I got my Maggie Sottero dress in a sample sale - it would have been £1850 new, but the shop sold lots of dresses well below that. When I went dress shopping with my 2 best friends most shops seems to have lots of options under £1000. I'd just take a look at your local dress shops and see which designers they carry.
  • dinky2020dinky2020 Posts: 23 New bride
    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. It's good to know that it's often possible to alter the back - I wasn't sure that this would be the case so that's reassuring! £1500 is my absolute max including all alterations (which I imagine would be quite a lot if changing the back significantly) but I'd much rather spend closer to £1000. I'm in London unfortunately so lots of the boutiques are quite expensive! I have family in Coventry though whom I visit quite often if anyone knows of a good boutique near there...
  • MrsJinJuly19MrsJinJuly19 Posts: 12 New bride
    I'm near Coventry and got my dress from True Romantica in Kenilworth - they were lovely and have a good range of prices, styles and sizes. 
    There are also some boutiques in Leamington Spa but they were a bit pricier.
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